Philippine Promos

Philippine Promos

The latest craze here in the Philippines would be the group buying websites where one can enjoy a lot of things for less. Imagine getting 50% off on restaurants. It gives you a chance to try out their menu at a lower cost. Also, imagine going to spas and salons carrying discount vouchers. Now you can enjoy them without putting a burn in to your pocket.

Well, the issue now is where do you find these promos? I’m glad you asked because there’s a sight called, that lists all these promos so all you have to do is to visit, browse and click and you will be directed to the appropriate website where you can buy the promo.

So are you ready to try out some great Philippine Promos?

Best RPG Games for PSP

Hey, what do you think are the best games for PSP mainly for the RPG Genre?

RPG stands for role playing games and I like them because more on the storyline than how it is being played lol.

My list of the best rpg games for psp are here.

Group Buying Philippines

Group Buying Philippines

Do you know that you can get services such as facials and massages, delicious food at discounted prices when you browse through the Group Buying Websites in the Philippines?

I for my self am a big fan of these Group Buying Websites because of the huge discounts and the chance to try out the services of different places I wouldn’t have known or discovered if it wasn’t for these websites. Try it out! I’m sure you will love these sites! 🙂

Group Buying Philippines


Blog Has Moved

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Im getting my own domain

Im getting my own domain today.. Il just wait and see when I can set it up.. perhaps after a day or two. ^_^

I already have wordpress installed locally on my computer and tweaking it as I speak. It should be ready to upload when I get my hosting. I’m so excited!

to get or not to get own domain

Today I was thinking if I will get my own domain.  I am still weighing the pros and cons…


  • A sense of uniqueness or individualism.
  • It has more flexibility since you have control of everything.
  • It is cool! I can see it now,,,
  • Subdomains – instead of making a new blog for each topic concentration, I can just use subdomains.


  • It costs money!
  • There are free web hosts such as blogger and!

So what should I do? ^_^

Transformers and Fatboy’s Exodus

This post is super late. Supposed to be posted a few days ago but I was lazy. haha

Anyways, these happened last July 5 where Me, Fatboy, Law, Paxi, Bash and Deryk went to SM Mall of Asia to have fun. It was fatboy’s last day in the Philippines since the next day he will be flying to US.

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