My day..

this is my day and im gonna relate it my way…

what was a morning if im not awake, i dont understand my grammar for Christ’s sake..
so it goes, i woke up… check my cellphone.. text, miscol or anything…. nothing.. anyways, went to the pc… as usual. open the browser,, surfing.. check my stocks… lol.. not the real stocks but neopets stocks.. lols… well, im not into games on it anymore, just the stock market… hehe and morning blewwww quite fast because i played the game Star Ocean of SNES, …… old school, just a plain english patched version.. played for a few hours and holla.. its lunchtime….. and the bee was there… giving me two patties and some rice grains…. mmmm delicious! ….

anyways, how boring this is… well… other things i did..
**watched indirectly the game between pistons and lakers, pistons won! hehe ๐Ÿ˜› for lakers… hihi ๐Ÿ˜‰
**made a text story about a silver beauty.. haha if you dont know what this is, then its ok… ๐Ÿ˜€
from a beautiful maiden, her lonely life… to a frog… to be dinner and to bed wd hugs…
**well.. my lips were constantly bleeding from time to time.. darn dryness. i wonder whats the cure for this.. even chapstick doesnt work… darn
**did some java programming from 1315 till 1730 pm, and i think what i did was soooo simple.. how pathethic of me.. i dont know how to program anymore.. darn. and netbeans ate up my resources so i had to manual set my components… huhuhu darn 256mb memory.. i need more.. 1gb will do! haha
**hmmmm my merienda this afternoon was a jollyburger with jollyfries careoff my grandma.. yey! thanks.. but i was darned by the jollyburger…. i could smell its aroma.. the patty… the sauce.. the soft bread….. as i unwrapped, i licked my lips.. i could feel its flavor through the air… and as i came near for a bite.. an open mouth.. to the fullest…… and even before i could lay a bite…. ouch! the pain.. the agony.. and there it goes again. my lips bleed.. and this time, its a lot.. not just spots,….. darn. the dryness cracked my lips open….. and i had to spend a few minutes wiping blood off it…. but in the end…. nothing was left of the jollybee items…. ๐Ÿ™‚
**played SO again, dinner…. then a bit of chat, played mame games… after a few minutes of frustrating , “why da hell wont you work you piece of crap deymn darn to the max aaaaah” sessions. well.. i finished cadillacs and dinasaurs… a game i craved when i was just a little kid and i couldnt finish it before because i only have limited tokens.. thanks to mame, i have finished it using unlimited tokens! haha lang kwenta no match! haha token power…. but tekken tag wont work… booohooo….

thats all i think… now ends my tale… and my journal entry is complete.. i need a rest, so tired from my head to feet…


2 Responses to “My day..”

  1. 1 yUi-sAn February 26, 2005 at 10:30 pm

    wow.. hehe.. nice post.. dahil sa ‘how’ u wrote it.. hehe.. artistic.. poetic.. hmmmm.. =)

  2. 2 yUi-sAn February 26, 2005 at 10:32 pm

    and u can delete this if u want, pro ur ‘cracked’ lips, kulang lng na sa.. y’know…sa kiss.. =)

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