start of march..

march 1… haha new month. same lazyness.. lols… i didnot even finish my report yesterday.. so now im cramming it.. lolz…
well.. nothing much to post here, i must get back to my cramming…. so il just list my future plans to download …

***Dragonball Z movies [12 ata? ] yeh yeh yeh
***Pokemon Movies [??] …. for maah bro
***Gundam Seed [49 eps] so about 10 gigs oh my…
***Gundam Seed Destiny – Ongoing…
***UltraManiac [forgot the number of eps] its not what you think =)
***Love Hina [25 eps] as requested by Grace
***Ah My Goddess tv– ongoing… belldandy!!! hehe
***Getbackers [49 eps] – -chan -chan -chan! some parts..

oh wait.. il also list here my “to burn” list. all in avi format.. para save.. hehe
***GTO Live action – [7 cds] fuyutsuki is cute! hehe
***Full Metal Alchemist – [~14 cds]
***Gravitation Series + OVA [3 cds] what is this?
***Hunter X Hunter OVA 1 [3 cds]
***Pokemon Crystal – Raikou The Legend of Thunderbolt [1 cd]
***Azumanga Daioh [7 cds] hehe
***Ah My Goddess TV – so far 1 cd needed.. hehe darn its licensed..
*** my mangass! more backups needed! hehe


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