early morning rants

hmmmm i just woke up and i am listening to mass on tv…. my first time actually to listen to mass. hehe…

anyways, im here to rant again…. let me see.. my rant topic
1. Piracy and the government’s actions against it.
2. Philippines when the president supported anti terrorism.(next issue)

ehem.. political topics.. lols.. well.. this is just all my opinion and im not inciting rebellion or something… hehe

1. Piracy and the government’s actions against it.

Piracy .. that word sure looks familiar, perhaps a visit to quiapo, divisoria, greenhills and even near lasalle, you can find it… but what is piracy? it is term as the illegal acquisition and copying of licensed or copyrighted goods. so imitations, movie copys, audios and even MP3s are pirated goods. so most of the downloading we do are usually in terms of piracy… so what the hell do i care?
not much really… but for now, i saw in the news recently that now the anti-piracy moves have reached on DVD and they have begone more aggressive… so what would that mean? more budgets for raids.. yey.. more confiscating and more taking from vendors, more punishments to those dummy vendors…. yey? well.. to some, its yey.. but to some, darn you all!!! for me? i belong to those darn you all! reaction group…. oh right now im a pirate junkie…
ummm before i get some bashing here, let me first explain why… . so this new propaganda suppose to help our economy? would it help change our systems where 90% of the countries wealth belong to only the elite rich that are composed of only about 5-10% of our countries population? i think not…. who usually sells pirated goods, who are the sellers (its different from suppliers) … isnt it the poor people? isnt the poor the majority of the population? and usually, they are poor because they dont have jobs or are just too lazy to find one.. most of the time, its the first case, they cant find a job because of their educational status and money problems.. so whats an easy way to earn? ..
well there are lots of ways, kidnap, carnap anything with nap on it, but not nap alone.. but those are usually dangerous.. how about drug pushers? well its kinda ok, big profits but usually they take it all up before they can sell lots and become addicts themselves… hehe oh right, how about piracy? those imitations? some of those suckers( buyers) wont know the difference anyways, and we can put it up anymore… not just on streets, but even on malls… they dont seem to care… as long as we pay rent, they allow anything on the stalls… its non of their bussness i guess…
so what now? all of those 3 ways i mentioned were illegal, well im talking about people who have tried yet they failed to get a legal way of earning money which is to get a job. or if they dont have capital to make their own sari-sari stores or what… the “napping” bussiness is kindaa dangerous, guns knives and all … and drug dealing is not good for your health… so il now focus more on piracy since this is what the darn topic is all about…
piracy.. why do these people pirate? simply because its a means of livelyhood… its a means where those cent-earners can earn a bit than a few pesos per day that cant even last them a meal.. and that is why i, for myself, dont like the actions taken by the government against these people.. why does the government have to rob them of their temporary jobs? so lets see here… government declares to fight piracy….. allots big budget…. steals some money off it.. out comes the real budget, just a few percentage of the alloted budget.. how nice… corruption is cool… is that the poor people’s fault because they dont have a means to “steal” money without anyone seeing them? they even have to work for it just to earn a few pesos, why the higher dudes only have to pass some darn projects (some may really be of use or some are just trash) just to have a cut in the process.. easy cash…
where am i? oh wait.. if the government wants to stop those people selling piracy, they have to give some kind of compensation.. they should try to put themselves in their positions, what if thats your only feasible way to earn a living and it was just taken away from you? isnt it simply saying, die maggot.. your illegal bussness is gone ! would you allow that? well… in their case, since justice in the philippines is commercial, they dont stand a chance…
take for example the squatters… i was shocked to hear that if some squatters invade your place, you cant get them out unless you give them relocation, some house, property and all that stuff to have a home.. see the idea/ i only have to build some house on peoples property and after a period of time, i cant have a new house just to destroy that pathetic first house i built… whats my point? i want to compare squatters to the sellers… squatters invade your land… unfair to owners…. sellers sell pirated products…. unfair to owners…. (looks equal? yeah!) owner want squatter out, squatter has right to have a house and is left with a new home-> owner wants selling to stop, seller is attacked (not literally i hope) and raided and is left with nothing.. it seems that squatters have even more rights that ordinary people who dont squat..
instead of doing those anti piracy laws, why dont they just make more projects that would result in more jobs? in better education? why pursue short term goals if they can make some long term goals?? perhaps by making more short term goals, it would take shorter to implement, more cash and more short term goals to make before the term ends? give those people jobs and they surely would stop.. wheres the promise of milions of jobs? whats with the big budgets and all ? “pocket” money.. baaaahh…..
piracy cant be stopped even if they confiscate everything. cant they see that? as long as there is imbalance in the economy, it would still live.. as long as people buy it, it will survive, and you cant stop people in buying these stuff, for some, its the only thing they can afford… so you want to rob them of that too?
laws against piracy is just a waste of time and budget… it doesnt do anygood…where can you hear people say, “yey piracy is gone now i can buy those ultra expensive stuffs!” perhaps only the elites would, like “my gosh ha, i dont fake shoes, i only buy branded na gamit ha” but the elites? in terms of numbers they are just the minority.. but in terms of money, there are the majority… … so they should pass more laws that can benefit the majority.. in terms of population not in terms of majority economy…

tired of typing… hehe well, reactions, comments, bashing , just comment it.. i may have left out something so il try to reread and edit it.. hehe


pahirit : do you wonder why people still smoke even where there is a warning by the goverment? easy because.. nobody listens to the goverment anyways.. nyahaaha hihihii 🙂


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