my treasure…

hmmm today is holy thursday and here i am… in front of the pc again.. as usual..
anyways, iv been thinking…
iv watched lavender, finished it last tuesday and the conversation is posted earlier is one thing that made me rewind the show.. who is the person you wish to cherish most in you life? hmmm who? if il answer it now, perhaps it would be just based on my present feelings and maybe added near future feelings.. yet. we are talking about a lifetime here… where in life, nothing is going to turn back time.. everything is just forward// no backward….
how nice it would be if we can just turn back time… (hehe reminds me of the song of aqua) tis a nice time to reflect everytime im alone.. no distractions, no addictions, no nothin. just plain me.. and let my thoughts go out undisturbed… =)

i wonder… if people would ask you this question, who is the person you wish to treasure for the rest of your life? whos name wil you answer? now dont turn the question against me. im asking YOU! hehe =) “who” type of questions are generaly easy right, answerable by one name. but if the conditions are hard, then the question consequently becomes hard too.. oh well.. perhaps some other people have found theirs… while some havnt..
no rush i guess….. ablahsldahlhlwhleiawheailehae …. …..

-=- share ko lang po -=-
the sadness in you eyes
where nobody knows
i wonder how you are
when you are alone

to be continued…

-=-it would be soooo good to hear these words from someone..
as long as you need me, ill be there.. my purpose for coming here is simply to make you happy
adapted from Ah! My Goddess…


3 Responses to “my treasure…”

  1. 1 yUi-sAn March 30, 2005 at 2:59 am

    hmmm.. sa excerpt sng Ah my Goddess: i think nhambal ko na na… pro lain lng ang words..hehe.. pro same thought a.. hehe.. =)

  2. 2 wely May 28, 2005 at 9:40 pm

    hehehe… same thing here…

  3. 3 Silkenhut May 28, 2005 at 9:42 pm

    yuo said it to me???!? what??

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