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Just a little sunday..

hehe hmmm first week of OJT… i hvnt learnd much.. perhaps its because its the first week? hehe well, tom we are going to have our projects already and i stil dont know what to do with the requirements…
>>Tech talk.
im supposed to be able to know how to program in VB 6 by tom, plus some socket something something…. aargghh…. what the hell is that? lolz… well.. i still got a few hours before tommorow, so maybe something will come up… hehe

and oh yeah, i watched ring 2 yesterday… not realy good when compared to ring 1.. hehe quality bad! πŸ˜› i got shocked once and it was very funny.. the scene wasnt supposed to be scary but i got shocked there hahahahhah lolz

so now.. hmmmm il watch the classic.. hihi who wants some? πŸ˜€

oh yeah, found this off a forum,… haha good ol cat. πŸ˜›


2nd day on the Job

hmmm it is supposed to be the first day of the job but since i was too lazy to write anything last night, so here it is instead.. the second day of the job.. hehe πŸ™‚
a little background on this first… well im currently an OJT at Smart telecommunications Inc. (ironic since im a globe user), anyways, i have to report for 250 hours as mandated by our curriculum and so far i have only rendered about 20 hours? hehe oh well…. there goes my summer vacation…. its situation at makati, the bussness center… that means..traffic!!! lots of people wearing suits and all those what they call bussness attire and i need to spend about 44 pesos everyday for my travel fees.. and add that to my lunch fees…. major darn!!! good thing we have allowance in this work but we will get our allowances at the end of the OJT…. oh noohh…

anyways, thats ok for an introduction at least, so here i am… located at the 16th floor of the smart tower, and my co-ojt’s are 3rd yr students.. woe is me.. lolz.. and well, for the first 2 days, so far.. nothing tiring.. just reviewing some documents.. and making documents.. not realy that hard but just time consuming.. hehe its boring i tell yah… really it is… one thing im amazed on here is the elevator speed… its soooo fast…. imagine 10 floors in just a few seconds.. less than 5 seconds i think, and the other floors? also fast…and the known effect on me is when the elevator puts on its breaks…its gives a nice nauseating feeling… lolz.. maybe i just need some getting used to it… elevator sickness perhaps?

so far, thats all for my work.. haha now here i am… still in my “attire”, haha we are required to wear smart casual.. that means, no jeans, tshirts, and rubber shoes…. and that means, yes polo, yes slacks, yes leather shoes… the life… this is a new image for me… im just tryin to get comfortable wearing these clothes.. who knows, i might get too comfortable that il wear them in my normal life… hahaha =)

aaahh yes. i remember….last sunday, i was able to watch the whole My Sassy Girl.. iv watched parts of it before but on that day, i was able to watch it from start to finish… haha jeon ji-hyun? lol.. very pwetty! cute 3x.. lolz.. im still laughing at these lines..

**they both hug each other**
Girl : Who told you to hug me?
** Girl hits guy with a straight punch
Girl : Dummy, You were supposed to dodge.
Girl : What do you want to drink?
Guy : Hmmmm coke!
Girl : Wanna die? drink coffee!
(this happens all the time…)

lolz.. its nice actually, its not just any pointless movie, it can make people cry hahha πŸ˜› hehe im just sooo late in watchin it… anyone who wants to watch? il be happy to share it with yah… and also, another thing, iv researched more into the sassy girl, jeon ji-hyun and found out two more movies of her, WIndstruck (which i have finished downloading earlier today) and the Uninvited (a horror movie, il pass… haha)
im gonna be watchin later on Windstruck… ahaha

have i mentioned that iv finished watching fullhouse? well.. if not, then i say it now.. iv finished wtchin it! it was fun.. but i shouldnt have watched it in a rapid succession…. no thril.. i think it needs a rewatch! lolz.. im gonna watch it again some time later, and as always, who wants some? haha hmmmm though its a comedy, full house made me lose some liquidz in me… haha a comedy drama indeed.. πŸ˜€

owkie iv typed enough, next time naman… haha i want to take a picture of myself wearing these smart casual clothes,, any volounteer? nyahahahahha πŸ˜›

Stay Happy! just like me oh… =)
^-^ -Lalen

elemental disorder….. eliminated..

thats right! its ok now.. πŸ™‚ no problems… no worries… no clueless blank thoughts… no nothing.. its perfectly fine…. πŸ™‚ all things has been cleared and everything is… ummm still not back to normal… but its ok ….

i can be back to my state.. stay happy…. happy…. and umm instead of finding happiness.. why not make yourself a source of happiness instead? bring joy to other people! yey! .. hhehe πŸ™‚ laalla

and.. lolz.. i have the ost of Full house.. who wants some? lolz..


im now an official pldt youth summer camper batch 2005! im so proud of myself.. hehe πŸ™‚ thanks to the ultranerds of the batch who did not join so that we lowlifes can have a chance…. heheh πŸ˜€

takes a deep breath… we have allowance! yey!! about P28 per hour ! and if we are to work for 250 hours.. cash cash cash! yey…

fake yeys.. haaaay… damn… .. after watchin fruit basket a few days before… i can see one of the characters attitudes in me.. that cat….. Kyo….. that hot tempered cat that snaps at anything… he even doesnot know what pisses him off and that pisses him off…. whooaa…. now i have watched 3 episodes of full house…. and that main guy… haha same attitude….. quick to anger… hot tempered…. gets insensitive when that happens…

wtf is happening to me? wheres my damn self control??? damn… why does my blood boil at a simple stupid stuff… arrrgghhh…. i dont like this…. but i always seem not to mind when im like this… not until iv caused damage already….. urgghh…. asmiopdfiqw5p23io5h23523hoth2i2i0otrno3notnn aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….. wat the hell caused me to be like this??? i rili need to brush up my social skills….. i dont want to risk losing people important to me because of this…. even just losing friends just because of this…. arrgghh……


this is my day…

all stuff written here is open for public viewing.. anyone can read it…. even you… πŸ˜‰

hmmm this is what happened today….
… uhh i started off this morning doing my usual clicking and i hope i can get something from it… hehe thanks julz for helping click…

anyways, uhh nothing much then happend, well.. breakfast.. then bath.. then i burned some cds… and then i decided to watch the anime titled, FRUIT BASKET…

basically, theres this girl, who has been orphaned that stumbled into a family that is cursed, there curse is that, whenever they are hugged by the opposite sex they transform into their chinese zodiac animal… and so the story goes…

well, im expecting something good, and it was good.. i learned alot of stuff… eheh im really amazed by anime shows… they are not just your ordinary cartoons,but these stuffs have moralz and values embedded into them.. you just have to listen…. errr….. read the subtitles carefully…. its nice… i learned about friendship, kindness, and being introverts.. lolz…
one important thing i learned that kindness isnt a natural thing to do,.. it is developed through experience… not all people are born kind, they are created…. hehe and so is friendship…. just like training yourself in martial arts, cooking and all other stuff like that, friendship is sort of a training too.. in the case of social skills… its very important to put it into practice a lot, and being social does help…. its no use doing stuff alone… hehe its very sad i tell yah!! hmmm..
oh there is this also a thing about jelousy…. they said that each one of us is a rice-ball… but we have different toppings, like ummm dunno… chicharon? beef? pork? well anyways, and our toppings are stuck on our back… and we get jealous of others when we see the stuffings on other peoples back just because we cant see our own stuffings… its true that its easier to see the stuffings on other peoples back than to see ours…. and usually, what we are envious of others are the stuff that we already have… but only we have not seen or realized it ourselves..

whew… thats was a lot… but thats all iv learned so far… my vcd is darn… lots of skipping so i stopped when i cant bare the skipping anymore…. haha and i went to sleep instead.. well.. maybe il continue tommorrow.. but i have to make sure about my OJT… i dont know when to start eh.. lolz..

anyways, well… as iv said, this is my public blog…. anyone is allowed to read..
so just read… if you got the time.. hehe πŸ˜€


-=- Stay Happy :: Music is my outlet -=-



updated anime list ! weeee ! πŸ˜€

i have not posted here for a while… darn.. later tonight i will… hehe πŸ™‚

new layout!

hooray ! because my cousin, fern ives , made me a layout.. haha =)

thanks cuz!! heheh


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