today is a saturday…

sorry i couldnt think of a better title… anyways, now is the start of the hardships in college… thesis.. darn that… we must have a proposal (tentative) by monday and we still dont have a topic in mind.. so this weekend must be sacrificed for that.. huhu

anyways, boring boring.. im happy now… naah.. really.. im tired. sleepy… i want to play… i want to go out,.. i actually have a mission.. yet… im still to lazy to carry it out.. i might send out scouts nlg.. haha im still in the process of deleting my mp3z. so more are getting deleted, but im still downloading hehe … yeah… so far… a more 3k mp3z left in my pc… good thing from nearly 5k of mp3z… hehe i have deleted so far half of it. haha …

anyways, ever had the feeling of … feeling confused? confused if ur numb, insensitive? or anything, just the thought of not feeling anything… yet… how could nothing be so effective? argh wrong wrong… anyways, elaborate on this soon… hehe n 55?w ?



2 Responses to “today is a saturday…”

  1. 1 wely June 6, 2005 at 2:48 pm

    that’s feeling’s indifference… that’s how serial killers(um, hired men… independent contractors) feel… y’know, that kind of feeling is required to um, kill… hehehe… para no guilt… kaya nga cold-blooded murder eh… cold, meaning no warmth, no emotion, no moral restraints…

  2. 2 Silkenhut June 8, 2005 at 12:34 am

    kill.. kill.. kill.. kill… die wely! nyahha đŸ˜› to position yourself in a situation where emotions have no effect is hard.. eh? lolz… i failed miserably.. hihii

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