I wonder..

lol… i was supposed to make this post to say that… i wonder.. if people do read this blog.. but .. i guess, there are people who read them.. hehe and im happy to know that…

nothing much to say but im addicted to hunter x hunter .. an anime again.. hoo boy.. that Machi sure is cute! ehehe anyways, im also currently reading a nice book… its nice.. eheh im not gonna tell the title… im greedy! nyaahahaa. .. and hmmmm on monday our graduation on SMART will happen! o right! graduates.. im gonna miss my friends there, even our supervisors.. huhuhu.. so on that day.. it must be fun fun fun! have fun till you have no more regrets!!! hehe (why am i over using the exclaimation point? does it mean that this writing has alot of emotions?!??! oh l allala .. ) anyways,

Tavern, Greenbelt -> from 4pm to 12am! June 13, thats a monday! Freestyle concert daw! yeah! im gonna see them naa atlast! ehehhe …. did i say that iv seen parokya ni edgar once? hhe yeah.. at school… lolz.. anyways, this is gonna be goood… free foooddd! heheh anyways, ok thanks for being with me in this moment.. you … reading haha 😛
anyways, im off for more HXH .. ciaaaoo!!


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