Can This Be Love – Movie Review

Oh right, haha this is my first review for this movie.. starring Sandara Park and Hero Angeles…

one thing i can say… this was pretty hilarious! there was a lot of LOL moments.. i was soo noisy and i keep on rewinding some parts just to have another momenet of LOL.. at first i thought that this movie would be the usual mushy mushy, cheezy stuffz with all that lovey doveys blah blah blah .. but noo.. it was plain lol… actually, on the first part (1st cd) there were some “sweet” stuffz couples do together, and cat & mouse fights like soo.. but it was shown in a way that wasnt too mushy…
anyways, hmmmm later on, a bit of drama was in place.. and iv noticed that instead of showing signs of being in pain or hurt, people (well in the movie he did) tend to show a different emotion, negative emotion… like anger… like a defense mechanism.. hehe iv seen this happen already. not just in the movie so i kind of understand that situation…
anyways, there were a lot of issues being tackled in the movie, its not really important if your goal is only to see sandara or hero, but in the script.. haha (i was listening) there were issues of migration, nursing, and syempre… love…
well well… thats all… im too sleepy….
as a conclusion, it was good.. my time in aquiring it wasnt wasted… hehe good good 😀

noo speak slowly…
sa – ra – nge ?
gets ko na!!


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