music madness

thats right! the madness is here, i just downloaded 4 albums today, 2 by MYMP, 1 by hale and 1 by cueshe, lol.. they are good… i like them already…not a waste of bandwith i can say… OPM RULES!!!!! im proud to be pinoy! hehe

btw, its nearing to be a new day now.. ohayo! lolz.. la lg… lately i have been sleeping at mornings already, about 1230 2 am the latest… this is bad i think.. i dont want to waste my sleeping hours.. but darn pc taking up too much time hahha esp when having bangs in tr… hehe (if you dont understand, im playing the reincarnation, an online game of war, and when there are coordinated attacks, then i need to be there sometimes. hehe )

btw… pistons lost to the spurs… huhuhu…. well.. better luck nx time.. yaarrghhh… it was a good fight, till game 7 but in the end…. they collapsed.. huhuu . anyways, june gonna end soon. and that means its time to be serious about studies.. i have been slacking off for nearly 1 & 1/2 months alraedy.. wehehheh 🙂 la lang… haha gtg peepss…

tsaka.. before i forget..
Otanjoubi omedetou

tc and god bless yah ol.. hehe
OPM ROCKS! rocks rocks to ur chest!

fighting ja a! ehhe


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