ultra mega… work…

thats all i can say…. i really am soooooo busy right now… .but still the time to blog eh? oh well.. thats me… innate ability to ignore academic priorities but always has time for other priorities… ^_^

ha.. i just printed something.. very nice… and later , il print again… oh wait.. yeah.. oh well.. nonsense…. ok ok.. here is the situation right now… i got this machine project due on friday.. and my status…. you wanna know? its 0%! believe it…. zero.. as in nothing… lol.. and what do i plan to do? well… obviously im still gonna do it.. but i hope… and i pray….. that…. il be able to finish this.. which is… like.. hard! hehe oh well..my grades are on the line…

this is doomsday…. hellfire and grimstone…. omg… lalalalal oh well.. better start working on some stuff… ehhehe tom im doomed

that so far is my academic life.. how about my other life? oh well. i recently discovered that my chat addiction has returned again.. and im chatting as wild as ever again.. this is good.. heeh chatting with other people you know… but the bad thing is…. lolz… is that.. iv been chatting too much that my time to make my projects are lessened… especially last weekend… lol i spent almost all of my waking hours chatting but i had to make a research paper first… lol.. although i was cramming on monday morning.. i still found the time to chat.. see? this is a bad addiction.. lolz 🙂

oh well. i should be going now…. hehe do some other stuff…. like.. umm making mi project? haaha ok .. bye bye! ^_^


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  1. 1 fairy August 13, 2005 at 11:15 pm


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