end of first term!

yeah for me… this is my status…

waaahh… my exams was teh sux0rz, maah valkyrie died…. and that ghey is mad at me! ahaha anything else?

well.. let me be the storyteller for tonight.. im suppposed to be sleeping now but hey… i planned to write this thing since iv arrivd from school but play hindered me… the power of play.. ^_^

anyways, today was my last exam, i only had two exams, one was yesterday and one is today.. schedule at 3pm – 6pm, i started studying 10am this morning… why? because.. as usual… i play, sleep, chat .. but study? hell noh! 😛 so i was like… crammming as hell…. panicking as hell… chatting as hell? lol.. i was asking a lot of questions, although most have no answers… reading handouts left and right, i was bathin in bond paper already! still.. im still chatting once in a while… and as noon passed… ate.. and went to school.. lol… woooobooy everyone was panicking too.. those who has the same exams as me.. hihi … ^_^ so… the test was open notes…. it really helped me from answering nothing to answering something.. although i could not say that i would get high in that test, i still managed to answer some….. oh well… there goes my hope to be a dean’s lister this term…. tsk tsk…. major darn….
grades hoping to be a dl
jprizal 2.0 (3)
stresme 4.0 (2)
advanos 2.5 (3)
advandb 3.5 (3)
engltri 3.5 (3)
now thats me wishing… oh well.. dream …. believe…. survive…. darn et!

anyways,… my 2nd sadness bringer….. in this game called, the reincarnation…. im playing it obyusly .. and all im doing so far, is saving the game currency and buying heroes.. coz heroes are cool! and so far i have 4 of them…… 1 of them happens to give me sheeps, a very pathetic unit and is virtually good for nothing.. so. since this is a wargame, i got attacked, and one of my heroes lead… the sheeps! OMG!! why the hell?? so…. in the end… all sheeps died.. including one of my heroes, that was one of my 2 best heroes…. and he died coz of the sheeps… now i hate sheeps!!!!! yarrghhhh11!!!!!!!!!! ( babaw ko noh? )

lastly… whooobooy….. i got the anger… it was globe’s fault!!! oh well…. senxa na…. as iv said, instead of making a text, il call.. waaahhh….. tis ok, still got lots of calls available….. ^_^ peace , peace peace peace… let there be peace on earth…. and let it begin with meeeeee……..

ok… i now am done and i should sleep… goodluck to all that still have exams! as for me…… im free!!! am free gadamet.. am free!!!!! waahooooeeyyyy
end! j00 4|| teh sux0rz haha j0k3


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