yum yum yum!!!

haha right now im eating yogurt!,.. soo good.. so yummy,,, yum yum yum!
thats all…. ^_^

haha kidding… oh well.. let me start my post..

well… what did i do today? sleep.. play… supposed to have been studying .. but what the heck… hope someone doesnot read this.. bwahahhhaha ^_^ oh well.. im going home in 2 days… yeah! this thursday, by 11am im there in iloilo wahoooo….. tom is our course card day, i hope i pass… if i pass, wooohooo.. if i fail… darn you!!! hwehee

anyways, what was i doing for the past week? il state in brief… ^_^ last friday… went malling…. eerr…… sat-sunday-monday… adventure and had fun… haha thats it.. short.. whats important is that…. i enjoyed it very much…. so i can conclude that it was the best weekend i ever had this year…. ultra mega cool! whehe oh well….

think of it as…. this free creature that was long before free… was suddenly caged… and locked for a long time…. then time came, where it tried to relive its days…. bit by bit.. it broke free,till it managed to be free once again…… thats life… haha… hope it doesnt cycle and gets locked again…. ^_^

waahoooooooooo ehheheh ^_^ anyways, ciao./


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