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Hi there, its me again. i hope you still remember me.. its nearly a month since i last wrote here… and what are my reasons? i was lazy to write… lol , well, some schoolwork too and i also dont know what to write here… so i waited for a compilation of events so that i can write again here…. so… let me start…

on school.. well… i got a 3 day per week sched. tuesdays and thursday i have no class, that means, more time to be online 24/7.. yeah.. but somehow, projects seems to make me go to school on those days…. thats major darn! Advanse is the name of the darn course… hehe oh well… there are lots of nerds on our team, so il just be there in the shadows haha πŸ˜› GO TEAM….
now more on school…. ummmm iv missed two sessions of my masteral class already.. so i mustnt miss it anymore in the future….. plus… INTRMAN is major darn this term… well… im sure to get a whoopping 0.0 in my first test … what can i say? i passed the paper without anything nice to read… without even anything to read… im still bitter about it…. i hate memorizations.. i hate information overload.. and i hate those tests that makes you cram all those information then in the end, you cant use them…. waste of time, effort and paper writing all those useless info… baaaahhh…. phooey… lolz..

anyways, lets move on… last weekend, we had our lasaret .. umm retreat in tagaytay… on the way there, i wasnt able to eat lunch and i was starvin.. so i was looking around and eating food that was being passed around… hehe.. anyways, on to the retreat.. the place was ok.. kinda silent and cool.. and ummm blah blah blah blah blah.. the exciting part was not of the retreat activities but.. the rooms pillow fight! haha it was carnage everywhere.. pillows flying, aw, ouch aaahhh , roars ang everywhere, room 2 room atacks were present, daytime or nighttime makes no difference, the war goes on…. so how did it start….. let me tell a little story….

12midnight or later, the lights where out… (earlier there was a wild Man rapist on the loose.. but more on that later) anyways, we were already in bed.. and dicussing on what time we will wake up later on since there are only two bathrooms and we are about 20 in the room… and breakfast starts on 7am… so we were discussing about alarm clocks, what time to set.. and as for me, i told them that i have a special alarm clock ringtone.. and made them listen.. and … haha it is a nice tune.. but gets irritating when played over and over again… and thats what happend. haha told them that this song will wake them up for sure. and i played itagain and again.. until one threw a pillow at me… hehe and ofcourse i retaliated… so it was just a neighbor pillow fight…. then… i had an idea, i rose up, grabbed a pillow and throw to a target…. and the sound that made sure i got a clean hit was an .. awww….. lol .. and then, that aww dude retaliated too, and ofcourse, we did the same… then it started.. at first there were only a few people involved but soon there were more people since innocent people get hit in the crossfire… it was fun, there were no lights , and only flashlights and cellphones provide the light. we throw, they throw, we get hit and they get hit. the satisfaction comes from the awwwwww we can hear and we scored some kills, double kill, triple kill! we were owning! lolz. anyways, after that, we were all dead tired and cleaned up and slept… blah blah blah.. next morning.. same thing happend after breakfast…. and also after lunch…. haha with more people joining it… it was really fun! hahaha

so for the man rapist.. …. lol il edit if anyone wants…
btw we got videos ! hehe πŸ˜€

anyways,.. so thats it… its nearing 12midnight again and i still got an assignment to do… hehe πŸ˜€ adios!



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