the sleeping habits…

hmmmm its just 630am and im now in front of the pc …and today my class is 6pm… why do i mention this? its because my sleeping habits sucks… i have a tendency to oversleep on MWF and get up very early on TH… MWF is when I got classes at 8am.. hehe yesterday i woke up 7am, and i was late… the super ultra cool instant wake-up(i thought it was) alarm tone was playing for 30 minutes already… what did i do to become so tired?

Anyways! .. hmmm i wont talk about acads! no need of those stuffs.. haha …
currently.. im playing breath of fire 3.. its an old psx game and iv finished it already.. so this is my third time playing it… hehe

here is a list of my psx roms so far ….

Edit: Refer to this link instead

hehe im still gonna be downloading more…. ^_^

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh wokie, now for some anime/manga chit chat….
i cant still get over the fact that.. the anime for ICHIGO 100% sucked so bad that if I saw the anime first, i would have not read the manga… so good thing i read the manga first… Why cant they just follow the story in the manga? and not make their own crappy stories where the only thing that you can say its ichigo because they had drawn the characters… baaaah…. useless.. lolz.. esp. OVA 5… total crap…. A romance-drama story turned into an panty alien infested girls?? what the hell was that? a ova for kids.. good triumphs over evil? man wears panties to defeat the mind-controlled girls?!??! pure crap….. ^_^

currently reading : Video Girl AI …. i was just finished with volume 1 last night and im hooked… now currently leeching volumes 2 to 15… haha i cant wait!!!!

——- end you!

Edited — November 29,2005


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