Ill talk nonsense…

I’m hungry.. my stomach is growling but there is nothing that i can do.. it has always been like this.. no afternoon meriendas… ever since i started living here .. if im hungry, … well.. im hungry.. going down and opening the fridge doesnt do any good.. nothing edible is in there that i could eat right away…. oh well.. its still 2 hours early for dinner… so if i entertain myself by doing other things.. this hungry might pass by…..

for the past few days, weeks … i havnt been bloggin much… if ever il be blogging, il talk about the usual stuffs.. stuffs that i think im the only one who understands what im talking about… i dont know.. iv been lazy… or im just tired… im not thinking anymore… i dont reflect.. i dont do any of those deep thoughts anymore.. i miss it… really.. badly.. truly .. madly.. deeply.. loly? eepp.. just kidding…. anyways, whats wrong? it feels like i dont know myself anymore… all i know is the normal me.. umm wrong word.. all i know is the me who goes to school, plays games, online everyday, downloads a lot of stuff, has a lot of cds, eats 3 times a day, etc.. all is too shallow… i guess even my friends know that already.. hehe how about these.. do you know what im thinking about right now? umm maybe? have i changed? i think.. yes… how? well.. first of all, you are not doing the same things you have been doing before…. like? ummm cant tell…. but its true… iv felt it… i.. forgot how to have fun? not really… im just.. alone… topics to talk about usually are about academics, and games, and other stuffs, like anime shows, i beat you so you are gay, manga stuffs, and more academics… what about life? talk about it… share.. open up…. what the hell? i cant even remember the time when i have talked to my parents..i know its been a long time already… aaaaahhhh…..think about it … the only time i go out of my house is to go to school… the only time i go out of my room is to eat and take a bath, and also the reason to go to school.. what kind of boring ,pathetic and a loooooser way of lifestyle is that ? put into mind that a pc is not a human.. it may provide things that a human cant, but so can humans that a pc cant… however.. its accessability (i know the spelling is wrong..) .. urgh.. [im still hungry.. this hasnt helped much.] hmm im actually scrolling down now, so iv made a long post.. whihihi. oh well…. let me talk about beach … the part where the water level is just near you feet… your ankles or just to your knees….

earlier today i just read volumes 14 and 15 of video girl ai… well.. its video girl len already, i was surprised because the manga ended at 14, so what is 14 and 15 for? then i realized… its just like dragonball… with the Z and the GT .. where it happens a few years after… so video girl len is a newer type of video girl…. i see… however, the leading lady looks like the leading lady in video girl ai… hehe …. they are family or something? it was just two volumes long but the story is good… and i realized… girls really are attentive .. they can remember minor details. and if you forget about it, they get disapointed.. umaygosh! been there, done that… iv experienced how a girl gets disappointed because i forgot… uh uh.. hah! mangas are just not any kind of comic, they got real life lessons.. hidden between the lines, between the comedy… and the ecchi! =p~~
VIdeo girl ai. is nice… being with someone whom you dont have any physical attraction too for a long time… can change you.. you might even fall for her.. ohh.. im thinking whats gonna happen in Chobits…darn i need my copy.. hehe video girls.. are still girls… eh? useless statement… oh well….. i just hope that i can remember the things iv learned in reading this manga…. to make me more appreciative of things…. christmas is coming in a few days… hehe about 20+ days to go..

aja aja… did i just go past the shallow parts of the beach?


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