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BenQ DW1640

yeah it has arrived! the most awaited dvd writer! yahoo… now i can burn with ease and have more disk space….. 😀 wehwewewewewwewewe

so now i need media in order for me to burn my stuffs…. i need to buy more tom….

btw visit, bwahha another site by me… oh well .. adz… and ummmm last exam on friday.. my only exam… hope i pass, im going home on saturday… what a post.. so disorganized… oh well…. im be burning on this new thing! burn baby burn!


Ai Yori Aoshi

Yosh!! Today I have finished watching the anime entitled “Ai Yori Aoshi”. It is a love story where one day, the girl, Aoi Sakuraba, went to the city? to look for her beloved named Hanabishi Kaoru. They met not knowing each other in the train station and when Aoi showed him the pic where both of them are there, Kaoru recognized her. And there it started how they tried to live their lives, through trials and happiness together… lalalallalala It had a few ecchi scenes but not too much, it was more focused on the story between Aoi and Kaoru… Kaoru you lucky bastard! lol … Very nice anime indeed…. aaaahhhhh i hope i can get to watch more animes like this.. ^_^

The fact that the two Ano hi futari deatta no wa…
of us met that day…
I wonder what many miracles… Sekaijuu de ikudo me ni…
…happened in …okita kiseki nano deshou?
the world before it?
Who should I thank for it? Dare ni kansha sureba ii?
Ah, I’m sure that your future… Ah, anata no mirai ga…
…will be suited for me. …kitto watashi niwa niauto.
There are nights that I can’t say Sou ienai yoru mo aru
as much, and I feel like crying. nakisou ni narukedo.
Eternity, eternity, even past it, Eien wo eien wo
the colors don’t fade. sugitemo asenai.
I wait in the wind under the sky. Kaze no naka sorano shita matsuno.
If I believe, Shinjitara shinjitara
if I believe, your smile… anata no egao ga…
…will become a flower …watashi no hana ni
for me… I’m sure. narukara… kitto.

The face of pale,
blooming flowers…
…is left behind as
the seasons pass by.
The rain stops, and
there are clouds in the sky.
And there is a
gentle, blue breeze.
On the sides of the two…
…walking from
today to tomorrow…
…there are memories
that sway without change.
Forever, forever blooming
yet never withering.
The racing of this
heart will never cease.
More than anyone, more than
anyone, I have looked at you.
Without bounds,
this feeling… forever.

I want the OST to this Anime…… who has some? hehe


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