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First burn failure!

😦 so saddening it is… my dvd writer recorded its first failure in burning a cd.. but oh well, it is still more than 95% success rate in burning. I just hope it wont do this again…

DVD Writer = Benq DW40


Lazyness causes Panic

Let me tell you about the things i did this weekend. I watched anime, I surf, I download, I chatted, watch tv, eat, sleep and tinker with the pc. Hmmm I know I have assignments but who cares!!! lol .. so right now, it is panic time! what subject is this?

XPRGLAN .. one of my masters subject… so its a 6-9class every monday…. actually this is a group work.. and we are four in the group (others only have three (3)) …. in that case it should be easy right? well. yah.. but it is not…

Members Overview:
[1] ME — I am blogging right here.. heheh
[2] Gantt Chart Man — Will drop the subject soon.. byebye..
[3] Newcomer — AWOL… Only got 1 reply then poof… (it became koko crunch.. )
[4] Jerwin — gay… πŸ˜€

The requirements:
We are to pass a review of ten related literature today. Five was passed last week but it was returned for revisions.. so Now it is ten.. Status: Well, 4 for me now… (3 are revisions) still gonna do the others.. haha crap dunno wat to say…. cram mode dude!!! but I still plan to watch Air Movie later… πŸ˜€ wish us luck! πŸ™‚


Btw, My Anime Excel List has been updated and uploaded (goes off to upload it. )

Advertising with WWC part 1

A few days ago, I used my last remaining stormpay funds to buy advertising from world wide cash. I was impressed and I think I will gain profit from this.
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Air (TV) Ost

I have finished the anime and I like it! The OST was also good, so here it is.
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Page problems found

There seems to be a problem with the pages in the blog. I already asked the admins for a solution. 😦 The fanlistings wont show for now..

Air (post #2)

I cant resist posting about this. I was not able to have an anime marathon for this since I was doing other stuffs and was just able to watch it earlier. anyways, I have mentioned before that I was interested in watching this… well, after watching a few more episodes of Air… I GOT MORE INTERESTED!!! aahh

So far, I think this is a Harem type (1 guy, lots of girls) … Comedy (Misuzu, “Gao!” , “nyaaa”) Drama (I wasnt expecting this at all) Feathers (What the hell? this is a first but it sure does get interest! πŸ˜€)

Well, Episode 6 was cool very sad (even the fansubbers placed a note saying, “Prepare some tissues”) !!!… I was getting goosebumps just watching this … It is not scary but I dont know why.. hehe… I dont think screencaps can describe this more, but I will still put it here.

Screencaps for episode 6:
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New categories : online earning

As you can see, today I added several categories to the blog focusing on Online Earning. It is still in its initial stages since I am still gathering sufficient evidence to prevent readers from shouting scam scam scam… Check back soon!


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