Life Updates:

Note: iv posted this thing in our highschool groups… and I guess, its worth to be mentioned in the blog too… so here it is… hahaha lazy me.. πŸ˜€

Ill try to update you all with whats been going on around me.. πŸ˜€

Studies – So far so good, I have a very light load.. basically just12hours a week.. NO MWF classes πŸ˜€ but still im lazy to go toschool.. well, gradewise, im ok.. ehem been a consistent dean’slister for a few terms na.. I hope to get even just a itsy bitsyaward on october on our graduation… oy attend kamo!!! πŸ˜€ anyways,our thesis is on its 3rd phase now, and ummm its heavy… haha tothe point that after two weeks of classes, we have not done a thingand this is not a good sign.. haha lazy group power! πŸ˜€ but.. again,i Hope and i hope that all will go well at the end of the term ….

anyways, hmmmm Budoy… grew big again? bwahhaha me too! actuallywhen i have no classes, i stay at home… and when im bored and gotnothing to do i eat.. with classes, i eat 3 times a day.. with noclasses, more than 3 times a day.. and im gaining weight! omg.. imgonna be so phaat soon.. lots of my friends say, “oy tumataba kanaah..” oh well, as long as im still healthy its ok… πŸ˜€

ummm recreation.. haha what i do in my free hours.. nothing! ahhahastill trying to destroy my hours by staying in front of the pc thewhole day… but i think right now im gettin an effect since, myright eye hurts once in a while.. but nothing a good sleep cancure… ahahha ey bio students or samting, perhaps this aching righteye might be a symtom that i dont know.. like.. eye cancer? eyetumor? di lang timos2 b.. hehe

oh did i mention that i download a lot? haha i didnot.. so let memention it.. i download a lot everyday! yeah!

tsaka if interested kamo, i can let you borrow my collections… butavailable only to those that i can reach by land.. haha mahal byaheng boat or plane eh.. πŸ˜€

anyways, dats all.. daw mapa cr ko anay… haha maligo ha.. πŸ˜€ andgood morning to all, this is Allen, signing off!

Ja ne!

(hahaa by watching anime, im learning japanese.. still not able tomake sentences tho… but just some words… hahaha )


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