DSL problems…

Darn.. I am having problems with my dsl connection.. because of this, I am not able to leave my pc on when I am not around since the connection has a tendency to stay connected WITHOUT any data transfer (in or out) … in other words, its useless… it would have been better if I will get disconnected since my autodialer will catch it… but that is not the case…

This is very frustrating matter as a very avid downloader! ūüėÄ

So far, asking PLDT for the problems I am having, the reply was , there is something with their line.. so what’s next? I dont know, but I want to know if they are doing something with their lines… this is making my downloads slow!!! …

I got an observation, though I am not really sure about this but when I am using uTorrent, the connection seems to disconnect faster… so to be able to test it, I reinstalled azureus… I need to check this out… and I cant connect to the tracker of boxtorrents!!! ahh darn….

UPDATED: I still got disconnected without utorrent running…. I dontk now what causes it to disconnect anymore .. perhaps, the pldt¬†lines just sucks!!! mega DARN!

¬†btw, here is my connection log to PLDT today… since i got class at 940 earlier and the connection has a tendecy to disconnect, I turned off the pc… but look at my logs starting from 6pm…. see how many times I got disconnected until now….. If you want,¬†I can post another log with a much worse experience.. hehe

01/24/06 07:35 PLDT DSL 01:13:44  
01/24/06 08:49 PLDT DSL 00:17:53 
01/24/06 18:16 PLDT DSL 00:06:12 
01/24/06 18:22 PLDT DSL 00:57:56 
01/24/06 19:20 PLDT DSL 00:14:52 
01/24/06 19:35 PLDT DSL 00:17:14 
01/24/06 19:53 PLDT DSL 00:10:17 
01/24/06 20:03 PLDT DSL 00:02:19 
01/24/06 20:06 PLDT DSL 00:01:24 
01/24/06 20:08 PLDT DSL 00:10:53 


2 Responses to “DSL problems…”

  1. 1 Ray January 23, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    i feel ur pain lolz. i still cant even use my utorrent nor my azuereus to run more than 5kbp and it always dance from bytes to 5 kb and it surely sucks not to be able to use them. i heard on some friends of mine that they can download atleast up to 25 kb and it sure envies me. im an avid downloader too but its been a month of no downloads. darn darn darn haha lasallian?

  2. 2 silkenhut January 24, 2007 at 10:20 am

    hehe after one year, another problem by pldt again… this time they blame it on the earthquake.. i wonder how long will they ride on the reason? its nearly one month already… hehe =)

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