Bittorrent Sites

Hmmm first it was the clients, now its for the sites where I get my torrents.

  • Indexers – They are not a bittorrent tracker but a repository where you can search for torrents. The first one is where I usually go and the others are alternatives.
  1. TorrentSpy – Usually the first place I go to when looking for movies and TV eps.
  2. Mininova
  3. Torrentz
  4. MyBittorrent
  • All Around Trackers – Well, just as the description says, they are trackers for any files. You can make any torrent with any file and you can upload it there.
  1. The Pirate Bay
  • Anime – It is obvious … lol
  1. BoxTorrents – My number one (1) source for anime, manga, ost and anything anime related. Tracker goes down often but Azureus’ DHT makes up for it.
  2. Scarywater – The unlicensed anime tracker, this is where some fansubs post their torrents for downloads.
  3. AnimesukiNote: this is not a tracker. Sorta like an indexer too.
  4. Hongfire – Mainly a forum, Im not sure if they have their tracker back up, but they are also like an indexer. (my main goal here is the gallery.. hehe :D)
  5. AnimeSource – The latest releases of fansubs are posted here, Indexer.
  6. BakaAnime – Similar to AnimeSource, they also have the Latest manga releases index.

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