My Bittorrent Clients

So far, I am using two (2) clients right now.

  1. uTorrent – A young yet promising bit torrent client, what made me test this out is its claim to have a very very low memory usage (azureus has a high memory usage) and so I was amazed by its memory usage. Feature-wise, it has nearly the same features as of azureus but the only downside I can see here is when the tracker is down, so is your download.
  2. Azureus – A java based Bittorrent client. One of the best clients in my opinion. It has a rich set of features like super-seeding, DHT, UPNP, and others. It can even support plug-ins that can add more functionality to the client. The DHT feature that azureus has is very nice, it gives more seeds than the ones the tracker usually provides. and even if the tracker is dead, the download will continue due to DHT. The only downside to this client is because that since this is a java based program, it eats a lot of memory. In other words, a memory hog… hehe

For more info, (Azureus Wiki) & (uTorrent Wiki)

Hmmm as for now, I would recommend uTorrent for main downloading and when the tracker of the torrent is down, then you can use Azureus for it has a great DHT capability.


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