Online Earning… what the hell is that?

Ok, earlier today I have been posting articles about online earning. So usually people new to this will say,

  • “does it actually work?”
  • “how do i get my money?”
  • “can it be converted to cash?”
  • wahahaha scam scam you loser! 😀

To each of these questions, I will try to answer and give my personal experiences…

  Does it actually work?

YES! Obviously it works, or else why would I spend my time on this? hehe anyways, it depends on what you mean by working. There are lots of websites there that says that they will pay you to do this and that, but the thing is, not all are true to their word. You have to do research on what sites pays, and what site does not. One example is to look at their current number of members, the date when they started, and their payouts, see if it is easy to reach payout or not. Just be careful and DONT BE TOO GREEDY!! 😀

Payout – the time when that site will pay you. For example, Worldwidecash‘s payout is every weekend, I usually request at saturdays and get paid Sunday afternoon.

How do i get my money?

Well, there are a lot of online payment processors out there. They will have their own electronic form of currencies that you can exchange to your local cash. So when joining a site, try to check in which form do they pay.
Some examples are:

  • E-Gold – Well, this is one of the famous ones. No fees, and lots of site supports this.
  • Stormpay – Well this one is good, it has good security but the extra fees are killing me! 2.9% + $0.69 for every money received through stormpay.
  • Paypal – I personally have not used this since I dont know how to convert it to local cash.
  • EMO – I have not used this… just heard about it on 12dailypro.. lol

Can it be converted to cash?

Ok, a little bias here, since I am a Filipino, I would be talking about how to convert it to Philippine Peso. So now, the answer, … YES, it can be… I will be showing you some local sites that do this.

wahahaha scam scam you loser!

Well well well, I know this is the first thing that people say when seeing something new. ofcourse they dont trust it yet. Well, I dont blame them, if i were them, i would first research about the topic then decide if it is a scam or not. Mind you, I have been scammed alot already.. the reason ? greed… lol… I was mainly scammed in HYIPs because i usually forget the golden rule of HYIP.

HYIP Golden Rule – Pull out Capital ASAP and Play with profits.

Well, greedyness can make you an easy prey for scammers… so dont believe everything you see and try to learn more about it first. I think that is a better way than screaming SCAM SCAM SCAM YOU LOSER!!! … 😀 So right now, i am being very careful and going slow, I guess the best way is slow but sure…. since haste makes waste! .

Im hungry now, lol.. so thanks for reading hehe and I will try to post more articles and personal experiences here soon. See yah!


5 Responses to “Online Earning… what the hell is that?”

  1. 1 lx638 January 28, 2006 at 11:45 am

    nice blog pre.. galing!

  2. 3 ramilmaiso March 19, 2006 at 2:25 am

    cool. and thanks for plugging our site.

  1. 1 Silkenhut’s Lair » Online Earning Intro Trackback on February 4, 2006 at 1:44 pm

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