Advertising with WWC part 1

A few days ago, I used my last remaining stormpay funds to buy advertising from world wide cash. I was impressed and I think I will gain profit from this.
What I bought:
1 Point Email – 10,000 clicks, 10s timer – $2.15 ($3.00 since it was stormpay, ouch the fees!)

So, I began promoting my Autosurf2earn link which claims to pay $0.80cents per 1000 hits.

So far, here are the results:

From WWC,

Ad Name                                  | Clicks  | Expires  | Last viewed 
Autosurf2earn 80cpm NO TIERS | 3,194  | 10,000  | 01/29/2006 12:53

then from Autosurf2earn,

Total aviable PTP credits: 3624 (I was promoting the site before so that is why it is bigger than what WWC shows)

In short:

WWC (3194)    Autosurf2earn (3624)   This looks like a nice return does’nt it? hehe.

So the maximum gain I can get from this is $8.00, minus the $3 fee. so about $5. not bad. As long as i can get back my capital, it is ok with me. 😀

Anyways, if you are interested in joining these sites, you are welcome to click these.

Join WorldWideCash | Join AutoSurf2Earn


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