Online Earning Intro

I wrote this myself. hehe This is what I can say as an introduction to online earning.

Ok so let me start, the world of online earning. You might say, what the hell is that? Is he a fool to believe that he can earn online? All of them are scams! That loser! You will just get scammed!!!

Enough with the insults (lol I just love to trashtalk!), Let me tell you a bit of myself.. I am just a college student that tries to find ways to earn money while I am still studying. And since I am on broadband connection (almost always online), aside from downloading like hell, why not I spend some of my bandwidth and time to earn some extra cash? How about you?

First of all, I want to emphasize that I did not take a single cent from my bank accounts or anything of the like to join the online earning world. Some people do that and some don’t. I belong to the latter part. I know that it is a fact in business that in order to gain money, you have to spend money. It is also like this here in the online world, if you spend some cash, you will earn faster but I did not … so in effect, the earning rate is also slow since I started from 0. It is your choice to spend money or not.

Being scammed is part of the game. Remember that always, there is no such thing as a perfect earning plan. There are sites there that pay but mixed with the paying sites are sites made for scamming. You as an online earner must do you research to avoid being scammed. If you want information, there are a lot of forums that talk about these stuffs 24/7. Some of them are GetpaidForum and Moneymakergroup. Try to research about a site before deciding to join.

So how can you earn? There are lots of ways.

  • Earn from Get paid to (GPT) click programs – this is the usual starting for people who want to earn without spending a single cent. Earning here is slow like hell but the risk of losing money is very low. In GPT sites, you need to have LOTS, and i mean lots, of referrals in order to earn like hell! or else, you will be burning your hands and clicking but the return is not enough. (did i discourage you from joining? ) [check out my GPT Portfolio]
  • Earn from autosurfs – Autosurfs is one of the hot topics for online earning, basically, you let your browser do the work for a few minutes. Usually you buy an upgrade from that site and you will earn a percentage of that upgrade everyday as long as you do not forget to surf for that day. FOr example, if a site says that an upgrade costs $10 and you will earn 10 daily for 12 days, then after 12days PLUS the a little waiting time, then you will get $12. Remember always that the $10 you spend here is the membership fee and it is not an investment, so usually it is not refundable… 😀
  • Earn from HYIPS – oh yeah! HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Plans. In other words, Big earnings promised in a very short span of time. How does earn 200% of you spend in 1 day sound? So cool right? Before you jump off the wagon, let me tell you this, HYIPs also mean High Risk. Why? Since HYIPs are the best ways for scammers to do their job… ofcourse they do pay, but it is usually for a while. Some HYIPs last for a week, a few days, some even dont get to see the next day… So this is a place where newbie usually get scammed since of the promised high returns… but it is also risky. I have learned this from experience. hehe got burned like hell in HYIPs…

So there, you have 3 ways of how to earn. So now, how do you get paid? Well, also with online money.. For example, you can get paid in paypal, e-gold (good for countries without paypal), stormpay (sucks!!!) and others that I dont know. what the hell? How the hell do I turn that into real cold cash? that is also a question I asked myself before I found the answers. Ill be speaking for the local setting, for Filipinos, I usually use e-gold.. and I found about some local currency exchangers that will turn your e-gold into Peso. For more info, please visit pinoygoldexchange .

In conclusion, that is all I can say for online earning, I have discussed about online earning, the dangers, how to earn and how to get paid. 😀


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