The fun days in IRC and Yahoo messenger

The fun days in IRC and Yahoo messenger.
(The following chatlogs really happened in real life. 😀 )


Lalen – Me
Poochini (Gay_focker) – Jay
`maki01` – Lower batch in HS

Let the show begin!!!

[16:24] [poochini] //say $decode(aGkgDQogcXVpdCA6aW0gZ2F5,m)
[16:25] [poochini] type it
[16:27] * `maki01` (~mezurashi@ Quit (Quit: im gay)

Gay_Focker: oh yeah, ur classmates are adding me like hell
Gay_Focker: :))
Lalen: sa?
Gay_Focker: yahoo
Lalen: tsk tsk.. ur a popular bish
Gay_Focker: i know
Gay_Focker: :))

Lalen: ebook xa
fat_ass: ahhh ganu kalaki yung file?
Lalen: wait lg
Lalen: check ko tom ha
fat_ass: k

Gay_Focker: u playing in blitz?
Gay_Focker: inid?
Gay_Focker: err…indi?
Lalen: i hvnt made
Lalen: i think im gonna quit tr
Gay_Focker: wah
Gay_Focker: ngaaw?
Lalen: tak an ko
Gay_Focker: hehe
Lalen: concentrate nlg ko more on life
Gay_Focker: like warcraft
Lalen: YEAH!  

Gay_Focker: Senex (#24) killed silkenhut (#3287)’s 32463 units and lost 391 units.
Gay_Focker: stackwipe
Lalen: yeah
Gay_Focker: LOL
Gay_Focker: pila patay na hero?
Lalen: i lost my valk
Lalen: 1
Lalen: silkenhut (#3287)’s hero Mistie Carrington Valkyrie starts to command unit Sheep.
Lalen: WHY!!?!?!?
                            note: In this game, Valkyries are very valuable and Sheeps are crap.

Gay_Focker: you know what sucks? me XD
Gay_Focker: stupid auto response
Lalen: close b
. //closed the message window
Lalen: ja ja ja
Gay_Focker: you know what sucks? me XD
Lalen: i know
Gay_Focker: wah    


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