I miss listening to those songs that bleed.

Why bleed? Actually it is not the songs that bleed, but the listener’s (*ahem*) inner self.

Note: To those who says corny… well, it will be more cornier later so … la lang. haha Continue to the bleeding…

It has been a while since I have played songs that were not Anime soundtracks. I kinda miss my old playlists and especially the sad and sentimental songs. I like these kind of songs, sad songs… the longing for someone, missing someone, wishing to hold that special someone in your arms tonight, but you cant .. the regrets.. the goodbyes.. the typical lyrics meant for dramas. . I like these better than the jolly pop songs that promote nonsense lyrics.

Sometimes I wonder if why I pick these kinds of songs, I wonder if I can really relate with them. I guess I do but not with all. I cant explain it, it just strucks me like a piercing arrow that sends chills to my umm body… (kinda like the after pee effect? lol) It makes me think of what have I been doing with my life? Will I be reaching the point that those lyrics are the words that goes out of my mouth for real?

Im sleepy, im tired, im lazy.. still i persist in writing this… I used to do this alot but lately I have been having too much fun? that i tend to forgot to .. stop and think for a while..reflect.. listen to sad songs.. lol and bleed like hell… I guess a few selected songs that i just played tonight will be enough…

I regret … I wanna go back … I miss those days… I dont like the feeling of dead air… I wanna freshen it up.. make it alive again… I need… (nyahah da corrs are songing now..) I need… Pak! I always fail to appreciate what was happening and end up regretting in the end…. so pakeng darn.. now I rot like hell… **ponders…

goes to sleep.. i miss j00 .. l33t … crap.. nonsense …. but really . i miss … i miss .. i miss… this month.. il move… need time management… but still … it is for the sake of … err.. dunno.. ja ne!


1 Response to “I miss listening to those songs that bleed.”

  1. 1 luvy February 5, 2006 at 12:22 am

    hahahaha… more bleeding! yey!

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