I hate bio…

Enough said.. I hate it .. It was my lowest science subject in high school and I was glad that I did not get it as my science subject in college but… now… Bioinformatics is here…

Let me tell you about my current situation..

Bioinformatics is one my masteral classes this term and all we do there is to come to class every thursday, listen to two (2) people report every week. Attendance is a must since there was a reward for those who has perfect attendance. This reward is very important that even the ultimate cut master ultranerd ghey attends the class. So while the two people are reporting in front, do we listen? Some does, some pretends too and some *ehem* just grabs some paper and pen and play games. I OWNAGE ANCO TABA! NYAHAHAA !!!

(that is right, I have defeated anco twice in .. I dont know the name of the game.. Paxi calls it the gravity tictactoe. Basically, I put some X and Anco puts + , and we are able to make a line of five X or +, a score is given. Let me repeat, I OWNAGE ANCO! nyahaahha… sadly he beat me in my first try to play battleship.) .. offtopic… lolz.

So back to my situation. After a few weeks of doing the same thing, next week, I wont be able to play in Bioinformatics class. Why? It is because it is my turn to report and hopefully, speak some sense to avoid the cooking of our teacher. (I can still smell what Maam Bulos cooked last thursday… lol) So this is my problem.. I dont like biology. I dont like reading long boring technical papers. And I got a chapter of a long boring technical biology paper to read. I also need to make a good presentation on it and force myself to understand this.

But I got some progress already. Our report is about Phylogenetic Prediction. It has something to do with making trees as a graphical representation of the evolution path of the nucleic and protein acids? sequences? noodles! yeah! DNA looks like noodles. That is all I have understood after spending time reading and highlighting my copy yellow (haha I havent paid for this copy yet! lolz!)

I hate bio. I hater reading long boring technical papers. I hatest the combination of these two. I doomed. 😀

GO KAT GO! halp! lolz. (woohoohoohoo)



2 Responses to “I hate bio…”

  1. 1 porkchoppiglet February 4, 2006 at 9:04 pm

    Bulos will OWNAGE you, iho

  2. 2 luvy February 5, 2006 at 12:14 am

    ok lang yan… hahaha! GHEY!

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