Bio Time

Hmm earlier this evening I have finished (well I claim it to be finished) my powerpoint presentation for bioinformatics. It is a short report and it should be shorter than it is now but I decided to make it longer.

I hope I wont be cooked on the reported… and .. there is an assignment also for that subject but why are we being tortured by that? Honestly, I dont know anything about the topic of the assignment and now we (the whole class ehhe) have been given a big problem because of that… It wasnt supposed to be our problem initially.. We just got caught in the crossfire between the cook and the cooked… 😀 hihi

Nyahaha .. *evil laugh* nyahahaha ….

Read more if you want to know what I did today…

I am tired like hell! lol.. played badminton this morning for two hours and after playing I ate like theres no tomorrow (Spag, 1pc chicken, 2 rice and two large sized green teas) nyahaha finished in a few minutes 😀 and then I went home and I was planning to sleep to regain some energy..

Well.. It stayed just as a plan… it was 1pm and was already in bed… the atmosphere was ok for sleeping, I turned the aircon and electric fan on to make my room ultramega cold… and I closed my eyes and… what the heck… I closed my eyes…. I changed positions, my eyes still closed…. rot rot rot…. changed position again.. glanced at my watch.. the hell… closed my eyes again…. changed positions… and so on … until I glanced again at my watch.. it was already 230.. and I have not slept a minute! That.. was very frustrating! I was rotting in my bed and I cant sleep! My eyes hurt since I was closing them forcefully earlier in my failed attempts to sleep… my hair was messed up because of the numerous position changes… just to sleep… and I was denied by the sleeping god…

Ehem.. spent the next four hours and more doing my bioinfo report.. I even set my winamp to play me anime songs for four hours no repeatition.. and after four hours, it stopped playing and I was still making my darn bioinfo report.. lol..

oh… yeah, thanks gracey sa scans! haha it helped a lot.. 😀

and now I am here.. blogging. .. surfing.. listening to the same playlist again… and … glancing at the status of people in YM … haha lots of them are BUSY of bioinfo assignment.. lol … it is not only bioinfo that sucks… haha 😛

ciao …


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