My Short Weekend Vacation

has ended. The two day vacation was fun. It started last friday when I went home to Iloilo and ended now that I am back in Manila.

The trip to the plane. Well, as usual I was panicking again since I was going to be late. I was really thinking what if the check in counter has closed and the traffic is mega darn. Still, I was able to run and check in on time. Hmm as I was on the lobby, I was walking around.. babe scanning the area… but.. babe species were extinct that day on that area…. so off to the plane..

Earlier, when the counter dude asked me where I want to be seated, I said, anywhere is fine.. and I found out.. I was at the edge of the plane! lol.. I was at the last seat and beside me are .. ummm unbabe people… It feels like im gonna be trapped for an hour! and one thing I have discovered when you are seated in the last seat, you can feel all the vibrations of the plane… now that was sickening! I had a hard time because of that and my head hurts after the ride … hehe πŸ˜€

So I am now at Iloilo, saw my mother and grandma πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and went home.. and guess what I did ? haha PC time! lolz. I had to check out this new PC … with godlike specs dude… 3.0ghz procesor.. 512mb memory, fx samtingsamting video card and darn im so jealous! it totally owns my desktop here 😦 the only thing that my desktop here has to be proud of is the dvd writer.. pathetic try..

Lunch… Food.. Thai.. Food… cool! Afternoon, play… cool.. Dinner, Food… Pinoy .. Food…. sleep… πŸ˜€ Well, it feels good to sleep in my bed again…

Next Day, PC again… and then.. lunch.. food… thai … food…. then afternoon, play… oh wait.. that morning I had a haircut.. err.. ok … so came evening.. the very reason I went home.. for the celebration of the wedding of my aunt and her husband.. cool… nice food… I saw babes! lol. It was just a simple celebration, a simple program.. but it was ok.. free food… nice atmosphere… hehe and its like a simple family reunion.. woohoo all of us were wearing formal clothes.. nyahaha…
Next Day, PC again.. and then .. lunch .. food.. chinese …. food.. then afternoon, play then off to the plane I go.. and then I went home here.. and I will be resting after I finish this…


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