Crystal Clear

Allen speaks yet again… I know I have to study for my network quiz since I scored miserably low last test.. but… this is needed I think…

Ok … soooo… whats with the blog? people read it … and I have made this as an outlet of my emotions… the fun moments, the sad moments, the evil moments.. there are all here if I wanted to post it..

and. because of that. I may have made a hostile environment due to my recent flaming posts… backstabber as one might say… ok, I admit it, that was backstabbing and I have no reason to justify why I did that… backstab is backstab. end of story.

What can I do? I was sitting here earlier in front of the pc.. and thinking of what to write.. hell this is supposed to be a groupwork, not a solo flight.. still.. i remained calm, hoping that I could just martyr my way out of this.. but sad thing is, I dont have a ^%*& clue on what to write.. and its a few hours before classes starts… should I just use my usual escape like, who cares! someone will do it anyway? But when i think about it… who is this someone? Mr nobody? oh great… in the end, I had to do it.. with or without groupmates coz i dont want to fail… even if i will fail, atleast I tried.. thats all that matters… but i dont want to fail! il ask paxi to GR u all like hell if i fail.. πŸ˜€
So where do the others come in? I dont know.. honestly, I am a very lazy person.. and Im proud of that.. but sometimes, strokes of antilazyness hits me and makes me work… so whats my point? nothing… extra sentences that my brain tried to make but could not turn into an idea.

as far as Im concerned, I dont want any fights nor quarrels.. thats why i remain silent.. i just blog it .. im not vocal.. i dont know how to express myself vocally thats why i resort to writing… blogging or anything nonvocal… so if i was able to rant on what I was feeling earlier.. then thats it… its my rant… i was frustrated, mad, panicking… who would write words of praise when someone is in that state? … should I say, oh my god We dont have anything to pass later in our class… hahahaha what joy! Im so happy! we are going to be cooked raw, hope its very humiliating… πŸ™‚ smiley wink wink.. … well?

so for the hostile to me, umm not face 2 face.. as i said, im not vocal… so … write.. text or anything nonvocal.. im sure this can be sorted out easily.. busy? I am too.. especially since I do it solo (oopps.. i said it again.. gomenasai! ) just understand the purpose of this blog.. i write what i cannot say and i write when i feel like writing what im feeling at that specific moment in time. so thats it.. its blog bisnes…

now i really need to cram.. go date ur girl tom, this only happens once a year.. but no rape ok? shes underage .. lolz … its ok, i just need the xerox. no hard feelings.. me thinks its better that this was leaked earlier rather than leaked later where I am at the point of saying, Yo teach, wat da hell do i do if my groupmates arent cooperating nor showing the initiative to help? ….

So what else? I dunno. my head hurts and I really need to cram.. So I have to cut this short…. short is good…

…. guffaw boy! …



1 Response to “Crystal Clear”

  1. 1 Banjo February 14, 2006 at 8:21 am

    I agree. Short is better! Guffaw!!

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