Finished watching Love Story in Harvard.

Yeah! Today I have finished watching this 16hour long korean drama series… It has a happy ending and I like it very much… If you have not seen this yet, you have too.. you wanna ask why?

Here are my reasons

  • The story is nice, its a drama, so expect some drama scenes, crying scenes, but there are also fun and comedy scenes…
  • It has a fast pace, the story does not drag.. a lot of things can happen in one episode which is one hour long.
  • and ofcourse… KIM TAE HEE… hehe let the story suck and let it drag… but if the actresses there are just like her… Il watch it, no further questions your honor… lol .

Ok .. thats 3 reasons I can think off.. lol .. Now, where will I get my next dosage of Kim Tae Hee? Btw, I made some animated gifs and collected pics of her…these are also found in the blog.. wohohoho… 😀

Kim Tae Hee –> Link to Animated GIFSLink to Pics Kim Tae Hee

More info about Love Story in Harvard here. (Screenshots Available)

EDIT: Ok, as I reread this…I can say that this aint a rant.. lol so I will make a rant for this..

I was told of this drama as early as last year but I never gave it any thought. At that time, I dont know who Kim Tae Hee was and I did not bother searching about her… boy that was a big mistake.. lol

Love story in harvard was again introduced to me early this year and this time, I researched about Kim Tae Hee and went to D-addicts to download this series, no questions asked.

The first few episodes focused on the school life of Hyun Woo and Soo In (KTH), I had a good laugh at some of the scenes… like the time when Soo In was leading Hyun Woo to really think that she was a “whore” or prostitute… the basketball game between Jung Min and Hyun Woo where Hyun Woo got OWNAGED so bad that he cant score a single shot… what about the touchdown kiss? that was great.. a nice idea to steal a kiss from a girl lol.. get a football, and run like hell towards the girl brushing your lips to hers in the process and say, touchdown!!!

Take note that in this series, Kim Tae Hee smiles a lot… and that my man, is soo cool! ^_^ I could just rewind the same scenes all over again just to see her smiles thats why I even made the animated gifs capturing her smiles… lol …

Well, expecting it to be a drama so there was a time of seperation for those two lovebirds… btw, seperation and reuniting happend in one episode .. it was a sad scene to look at… esp when the music plays … the characters cry shouting the name of the loved one they are looking for… ohhhh …. hehe another thing that was cool is that cases they took up, we got a glimpse of how lawyers do their job and how time consuming, tiring, frustrating, it is to do their job.. but the pay is good (although there were poor lawyers there) …

and the presence of an eeeeeeevviill character made the story harder to resist watching… at the end of each episode, there was a strong pull to watch the next since it makes the viewers (well me,) curious on whats gonna happen next… (esp when Hyun Woo got OWNAGED by a car, I thought the story was gonna have a weird twist since the main char should have died? )

Still I finished it in a week while balancing? it with my studies… after watching it.. I want more!!! I wish there were more episodes…16 hours are not enough for the Kim Tae Hee Madness!!! hehehe ^_^


2 Responses to “Finished watching Love Story in Harvard.”

  1. 1 syah March 3, 2006 at 3:09 am

    heya juz stumbled upon ur blog n i’m so glad u loved LSIH ~~ it’s like a fave of mine esp since I’m sucha a fan of KTH as well~~ thx for the review~

  2. 2 silkenhut March 3, 2006 at 6:57 am

    lol.. no problem, if you call that a review.. lol 🙂 btw, I also have the ost… 😀

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