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Happy Birthday Kim Tae Hee!

!!! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!

Kim Tae Hee

!!! Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da !!!

Today on March 29, 2006, she turns 26! ^_^

More pics and banners to celebrate her birthday. (Credits to the KTH Thread in Soompi! )


Protected: Thy revealations …

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Dotagod TanLaw vs Unbelievers…

:: Disclaimer :: Human beings were given the ability to think and decide what to believe. The decisions can be augmented using logic, facts and a bit of peer discussion.

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Presenting…. Aspire 5562WXMi

yeah yeah yeah! oh yeah!!! (SPECS)

So cool.. too bad it doesnt have any battery to live for now… hehe ^_^ Premium Account

Thanks to all who have joined in… I am now a premium member to it… so what does it mean?

  • You dont need a box account if you want to download the OSTs
  • I get 5gbs of storage instead of 1gb
  • Oh yeah! Premium sounds cool! hehe
  • ^_^

Still, if you want to avail of the free 1gb storage, here is the link ^_^

Please join if you want to have a free 1GB storage space and more OST downloads, Thanks!!!

Money problems

Hmmm… what a saturday, woke up 730am and now its 10am and I feel like, I have not done anything since then but why does the time move so fast? hehe…

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Full House

Last Updated : March 08, 2007

A naive, cheerful, albeit somewhat recluse writer, Ji Eun is swindled out of everything she owns — not by strangers, but her best friends! Stranded in another country, she is determined to get home, only to find that all which is precious to her has been sold. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she has “sell her soul.” A story about love and heartbreak, sadness and self-preservation. In spite of it all, Ji Eun manages to be humorous and endearing – even when her heart is breaking. (Wikipedia)

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