What I did today.

Hmmm what did I do today? Well, first I made some plans… was thinking that I only have one month left and I have not done anything yet for the incoming deadlines….So my plan …

  • AM – Relax, enjoy and do anything.. I am free
  • PM – Work like hell… XPRGLAN .. and perhaps thesis

What happened?

So, the plan for AM worked perfectly… no flaws… lol

But for the PM, I did some overtime in my AM plan and started a bit late, about 2pm … I sat on the bed.. and grabbed this pieces of paper and started reading…. and reading…. and reading… well, I can say I have read it but I cant say I have understood it… so first drawback to the plan ….

then I sat in front of the pc.. and wrote something long… haha 😀 I wont tell what it is. very scandalous…

then I started researching on the concepts mentioned on the paper… I wont understand it unless I see some examples since it was too technical for me… So i searched, followed some instructions… installed the said programs, tried to run the programs… searched for other alternatives… installed those alternative programs and after all that… I got nothing… what a failure… so now… my pc is cluttered with softwares which I dont know how to use… oh well… better luck tom I guess…

Anyways, enough of schoolwork…


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