Finished watching : The Nine Tailed Fox

OMG, its already 1:21am.. for two straight nights I had a marathon watching this kdrama series… and I am sooo sleepy right now but I still want to post this or else I will forgot about it when I wake up later… So this is the Nine Tailed Fox (not naruto ok?) … or Forbidden Love.. or Gumiho
So what can I say? (Warning: Possible Spoilers)

Cool.. The second series that Kim Tae Hee stars in that I have seen… First was Love Story in Harvard, she was very pretty there and she was always (well most of the time) smiling… so cute… however, here in this Kdrama, the nine tailed fox,, or she rarely smiles, always sad… shocked, crying, in pain, but smiles are very rare… woobooy…. anyways,

the story? well.. humans live in the world… these foxes coexist secretly with the humans and started gaining power by acquiring the high positions in the land, political, finance, and all those power positions… and soon, they were discovered, and there was war between the two races.. and caught in the crossfire of this war was a couple.. a human male and a babe fox, in which their love was tested so many many times while the series goes on…

So the plot.. well, fights here, fights there, betrayal here, conspiracy there.. it feels like im watching a through to life story… greed, jealousy.. betrayal…revenge, assasinations, politics, bribes, sacrifices… so many elements in just one story… of course, it is still a KDrama so love is still there.. hehe

the characters were ok.. we got the ultra babe fox (kim tae hee), the moody human male, the long haired ownage swordsman fox, the advisor but can ownage too fox, the seductress fox the way she looks at you, she raises her head a bit and raises her eyebrow and bites her lips… , the hiphop dancing yoyo fox, the chief elder that il-ownage-you-if-you-dont-follow-me fox, the perverted old man whos the partner of moody human male, and the other characters…this was the first kdrama i have seen that has a lot of characters.. usually, there are only four main characters and the other characters just show up in one episode or two.. but all here have long roles in the story… a first for me… the fighting scenes were ok.. all the moves have swish, swosh, sound effects.. i just wished the long haired ownage swordsman fox had more fight scenes since they say “when he weilds a sword, it means death ownage”, so i got curious there.. but alas, he only had one major fight scene at the end.. booo

ok… the story was good.. of course.. but… the ending.. haha ok , spoilers alert… spoiler spoiler… haha the ending was not a happy ending… and i was wondering.. why it had to be that way? lol … although the story … there were a lot of sad scenes. only a few were very sad… too much sad scenes in an episode will make you immune to the other scenes… lol..

so this ends my rant and i am soo sleepy.. so ends my second Kim Tae Hee kdrama….Iv seen her smile, seen her cry… now i want to see her become eeeeeeeeeeeevvvvil .. in stairway to heaven.. oh yeah hhehe now i sleep/.


2 Responses to “Finished watching : The Nine Tailed Fox”

  1. 1 fayi March 13, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    haha siote! i thought you were talking about naruto! the obssession is over now noh? funny i still have a lot of naruto stickers here sa dorm!

    word of advice: drowning yourself in anime the whole night isnt exactly gonna make you feel good! well in my case, at least! galain feeling ko basta madugayan ko sa pc… parang ga “play” ang whole world tapos ako ya ga “pause”!!

    haha, summer’s coming soon! mapuli ko guro kay angkong in two weeks time! see ya then! 🙂

    good luck in school stuff, love life, and the things that make you happy!!!!!

  2. 2 silkenhut March 13, 2006 at 11:11 pm

    ^_^ hehe I dont watch naruto anymore. unless AnimeOne releases more episodes.. hehe
    Hmmm yeah, there are certain types of anime that makes you feel good. but now all so Id rather have my sleep too…. 😀
    Sa paanad anad lg na tubang sa pc ah, kung maanad kana nga halos whole day ka gatubang, daw sa wala lang na ah.. pero sakit sa mata… and basi ma 4 eyes ko bla dason…. hehe anyways, mau pa kamo tapos na inyo klase, kami damo2 pa skolwork.. megadarn.. hehe anyways, see yah here soon! 😛
    thnx and same to u ^^

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