Money problems

Hmmm… what a saturday, woke up 730am and now its 10am and I feel like, I have not done anything since then but why does the time move so fast? hehe…

anyways, my dilemna now is money.. haha I only have P40 in my wallet and has no way of making it grow bigger! lol.. My main atm card got ownage. lol it broke in half, and not the break wasnt just any break, it broke in the black bar that looks like a barcode thingy… lucky me.. but, i still have another atm.. oh yeah im saved! not.. now the problem is, i forgot my pin for that card and i have entered it wrong twice already.. so i cant risk letting the machine eat my card… lol

But, hehe even if that is my situation, I still managed to play games since Bigtime Bonta was my financer hhaha umm il pay it back soon…. with ownage! lol joke umm thats all.. dunno wat to do.. il beg like hell hehe


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