Dotagod TanLaw vs Unbelievers…

:: Disclaimer :: Human beings were given the ability to think and decide what to believe. The decisions can be augmented using logic, facts and a bit of peer discussion.

To start things up, a few weeks ago… a group of people who were impressed with the amazing dota (defense of the ancients) playing skills of mr tan law that they decided to make a blog to hail his greatness.. thus… the blog entitled, "MY DOTA ADVENTURES" was placed into existance…


It was a lively blog that was being updated once in a while and it has achieved some popularity in the net… If you want some evidences, try typing these keywords in google and you will see what I mean…

  • Dotagod
  • tanlaw dota
  • defeat roshan at level 1
  • dota ownage

and pretty much more that can be related to the blog.
(Note: The first result of Google & Yahoo for the word "DOTAGOD" is the blog of tanlaw, now thats some search engine optimization technique!)

Now, it has come to a point that the blog is popular enough to garner visitors that were curious of the validity of the posts made… Others has asked for replays, others has posted comments, others has just watched… but one thing that was different was the recent action of a bunch of ,well , dota players that was enraged by the blog …

They were so enraged that they even posted it in their blog …

That blog was called the Nationalist Organization for Organized Boredom or n00b for short. They posted rude comments (which has been deleted) and claim to use logic in their arguments as quoted:

Quote : so ur accusing us of stupidity is that it?! ay putangina, im the kind
of person who likes to use Logic
instead of brute force, pero, suntukan
na lang tyo para tapos na. ok ba?

Logic? LoL.. that is a good laugh, let us see… Logic can be defined as – the principles that guide reasoning within a given field or situation; (source) and my reaction would be,
"someone who can decide on logic can just easily interpret those exagerations as jokes, why cant you if you are someone who CLAIMS to use logic?"
So, second quote…
Quote : nah we dont buy that lame-ass excuse of yours. we dont care if it "just
for fun". its an insult to DotA players all over. take it down if you
have any decency left in you.

Take it down? You think! LoL after all was done to make it rank high in the search engines and the fun of hearing people call TanLaw as the Dotagod? No way… Just because TanLaw is popular doesnt mean you have to get jealous of it… lol jealous.. lol il get response like , jealous? what the hell are you talking about… but… thats how I see it…

…. anyways, i hear that the issue has been resolved… so feels like I have been typing crap… haha but who cares… anyways, ill just advertise the blog of the dotagod again….




1 Response to “Dotagod TanLaw vs Unbelievers…”

  1. 1 DarKNess March 27, 2006 at 4:48 pm

    Im touched by your words… As a bonus I’ll give you the honor of getting OWNAGED by yours truly! *guffaw*

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