Last day of Xprglan Madness

Yey . . . me think.. just a few more minutes till the clock strikes 12 and its gonna be april 03… the deadline for the machine project in xprglan…

and this .. marks the first time that I cant finish a machine program (not bragging but by cramming and help of others it gets finished somehow) … worse.. cant even pass anything worthy to present in class… perhaps, it can said that… “instead of blogging now u lowlife, why dont u cram it and finish it … ” I cant, its impossible .. for me. im not an ultranerd, im just a lazy dude that was forced to work like hell because of unforeseen circumstances….

So what now?

I remember a time when we were thought about the stages of death… these are the stages a person goes through when dieng… There are five stages, (Source)

  1. Denial and isolation: “This is not happening to me.”
  2. Anger: “How dare God do this to me.”
  3. Bargaining: “Just let me live to see my son graduate.”
  4. Depression: “I can’t bear to face going through this, putting my family through this.”
  5. Acceptance: “I’m ready, I don’t want to struggle anymore.”

I think I have gone through these stages myself in my journey through xprglan.. let us see…

  1. Denial and isolation – have i skipped this? I think .. oh wait, I think I have gone through Isolation… well, there were a lot of mondays that I feel so isolated not because I was bad.. well .. it was just documents so … it was ok, i can bare it.. i can still piggyback or something… but no brokebacks please.. begone!
  2. Anger – Oh yeah!I know this.. I even have a blog post for it.. and I earned the skill of Rikimaru… well.. it ddnt change much of the situation… it was one of those days that you dont know what to do and while looking around for some allies, all you see is dust .. and a voice mocking, ur screwed boy … so blood boils.. and like a kettle.. needs to blow off some steam.. and thanks to this blog, the steam was released.. hehe
  3. Bargaining – I think I skipped this…
  4. Depression – I think depression level is inversely proportional to number of days left before deadline… this was so saddening.. to the point that, I want to work on it.. but.. i dont know how.. help.. gadamet… the more you learn, the more you learn that you dont know anything.. so frustrating.. yet sad… i stare at the mirror and see no light in my eyes, i was just sleepy … its like perma sleepy.. and perma slow, perma weak, but nothing a good play cant cure..
  5. Acceptance – is there a point on being sad when you only have a day left to the deadline? can depression finish things ? ummm nope.. it cant and it can never will.. so why not be happy and jolly.. smile and accept the fact that… sh!thappens , life sucks at some points.. perhaps ts my turn on the bottom of the ferriswheel.. and somethings good is waiting for me sooner or later… does it feel better? yeah for me i guess,

so …. lifeline is reduced to 17hours and 30 minutes… add some sleeping fee, eating fee, bath fee, play fee and commute fee, i think, less than 10 hours left… oh well.. thats life…

well, thats all… I hvnt posted much since I was lazy, but Im sure il be posting again later tonight after class… the aftermath.. watch for it.. lol .. well then,

oh yeah, Before I forget..
Greetz to those dieng out there, Waiyan and Edel … you two die too? die is good.. but dont die, live lol . I die alone 😛
Greetz to cuteghey! wahahaha 😛
Greetz to Anco and Paxi doing some brokeback together…

Greetz to everyone still awake and doing some schoolstuff or surfing for rated stuffs…
Greetz to everyone sleeping, may you all dream of the dotagod.. lol …

Greetz to me.. yey! I greet myself live on my blog…

U I U A A cheng cheng wala wala beng beng..

Footnote: Even if this is hapenning to me…… DUAL CORE pa rin laptop ko.. haha ^_^

sana nga lang, dual core na rin utak ko .. hehe oh well, YOU THINK! lol


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