End of XPRGLAN madness

OH YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You heard, umm seen it right, it is over already… yesterday was the final day for my continous sufferings for that subject.. wahaha … I have stated in my previous post that I should have written this last Monday , but due to the Fat Boy Band Boy’s inviting me over to their house for that night (he tried to brokeback me!! goodthing i escaped! lol .) so i postponed it to earlier.. but… due to getting a KO when my head touched the pillow, here I am now… writing now… lol

So anyways, here is what happened…

there are lots of spelling errors and perhaps gramar errors here. but, dont care. lol … so comments on spelling.. are… not required… hha

After I wrote the previous post .. I slept.. I am not the type who would stay up the whole night to do a project… I am too lazy to do such a thing… hehe but I envied those people who did that.. but I dont want to do it…

anyways, So i slept and I slept good… then when I woke up, I was like.. oh sh!t .. just a few more hours to go before the presentation and I dont have anything to show.. I only have the simple generated parse tree for the source code i inputted… so i thought that i will just implement an existing similarity metric for this… (what the hell are you talking about? whats with the terms? ..err…read on.. )

umm basically, each group was tasked to do a programming project.. it was a plagiarism detector generator.. so basically, you input the programming language specifications and it should output a plagiarism detector for that programming language.. so the way the group I designed the architecture… there were supposed to be three parts… at that time when I woke up, the group I had barely finished the 1st part, so it was a big problem at that time… lol

So I decided (not the group), to implement the third part since I think even with the first and the third part, I can already call it a plagiarism detector… so… I coded like hell.. after 1hour and 30minutes (rough estimate) I have finished it and I was hungry… so I eat like hell and took a bath .(not like hell) … then proceeded to do the documentation for that.. oh yeah, as you can see.. it was I .. not the group who did some documentation that day.. well, umm since the document requires you that you have coded the program… I cant let them do it… since… well.. you know.. so I wrote the “design documents” (20% of the 70% programming project.. or like 14% of the final grade) …. then also made a crappy user’s manual.. (10% of 70 or like 7% of total grade… ) … the program was another 14% of the final grade.. hehe so , if you would count it… I was doing 35% of the our grade alone …. but thats just not it.. since I did more than that previously…

A minor breakdown of our grading system would be, 30% goes to the assignments,reports and other stuffs.. and 70% goes to the programming project…
on the 70% of the programming project… here is my rough estimate on the breakdown since i forgot already..
Main Program itself – 20% –> 14% of final grade
User’s Manual – 10% –> 7% of final grade
Writeup – 10% –> 7% of final grade
Design Docu – 20% –> 14% of final grade
Review of related lit, archi, and others, 40% .. 28% of final grade.. (I dont know the breakdown.. forgot) ….
I am assumming that the passing grade would be 60% .. so um, on that day, I was doing the 14 + 14 + 7(user’s manual, dunno what the hell is a writeup) so more or else, 35% of the final grade.. i lost 7% of the final grade coz I ddnt make the writeup …. however, if you were to grade the group individually, it was a loss of 42% of their grade for them… enough for them to fail assumming a 60% passing mark… but… as a group, their butts were riding on the 35% i was working like hell for that day…

anyways, came the reporting time.. o wait before that.. i asked the group to meet before class so that a ppt could be made.. it was an imprumtu meeting and a ultra crappy ppt presentation.. and we were the first group to report… oh yeah! what the hell, i just thought that the earlier this presentation gets done, the better… so being the first was has its advantages… we were the only group that doesnt have a gui … (ok, member 1 said that he had a gui ready but I ddnt implement it.. why? coz there was no time to do it, i had my hands full on the docu and program that day… and guis doesnt make the grade go higher, its the functionality of that program..) so as I said, we were the only group that doesnt have a gui.. and if we were to report later than other groups.. that would be shameful.. yeah I would be very embarrassed.. dunno bwt them.. but thats how Ill feel. lol I have my pride too you know.. and ofcourse, being first makes you finish earlier… so getting the relief you want earlier…

So reporting time came, oh yeah.. blah blah blah blah … and more blah blah blah… I tried explaining what the group I did and i was sure that Ma’am was disapointed… who wouldnt be? a group project that resulted into that guiless-just-plain-console-everything-output thing? lol so ma’am asked us question… about the project.. and i had a good laugh inside when she asked this…

Teacher: Why did you decide to use this similarity metric?
Member2: (forgot her answer)
Member1: coz it was the easiest to implement… (WTFLOL what nonsense!)
Teacher: ha? thats not a good justification… (yeah, let him code that algo instead so that he can judge if it was the easiest one or not)
Me: blah blah blah …

So more questions came up and the best part was when this happenned… (I cant remember word per word, so this is just the jist? of the conversation.)

Teacher: So can you please tell me what each member contributed to the project?
Member2: .. Introduction and review of related lit
Teacher: but that was done before already, so you revised it?
Member2: yep …Teacher: and you member1?
Member1: Theoretical studies.. (I was like wtf again… the theo studies docu had more than 5 pages of stuffs and what he contributed was just 1/2 page or less? .. oh well…)
Teacher: and then Allen did the other parts?
Both: yeh ? (dunno what really was here...)

So at this point, Ma’am pointed out that it was like I was one who was reporting only because of what the distribution of work was…

Teacher: Member2, so you did nothing on the programming part?
Member2: None
Teacher: Member1, you?
Member1: I tried to create the parser for C but sa #include plg dna gumagana..
Teacher: did you bring it ? (i guess she wants to see what was done even if it doesnt work)
Member1: no..
Teacher: (No further questions …. parang sa court lg eh noh? hehe)

(Minor explanation: “I tried to create the parser for C but sa #include plg dna gumagana” … basically, the work done here was … first install javacc (so easy) .. and write this in the command prompt, “javacc c_grammar.jj” (darn thats hard) )

so the report ended with this…

Teacher: Paano ko kau bibigyan ng grade nyan kasi …. ( I was thinking, am i included here? hopefully im not)

after that, we all went back to our seats… they were sad.. but I wasnt . why? coz deep inside I was already celebrating that it was over.. i mean, no more xprglan problems… so I dont feel any sadness at all.. others asked me if I was ok (thanks for the concern 🙂 ) . and i said yes, I am. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah .. lol

anyways, some might ask why was the distribution of the work that way.. esp with the programming part… so … for that..

I know the programming part was hard like hell and I already knew that it would be impossible for me to finish it alone … so I should have asked them for help right? Member2 admitted that she doesnt know a lot of java, and since everything was coded in java, umm what can I ask her to do? (ok that sounds evil, but … thats the case and time was running out. im desperate and dont want to slow down or something) For Member1, I know that he knows how to program in java.. or else, how could he pass objectp? anyways, so I should have asked him for help.. but.. he was like clueless on what we were going to do.. qxns like, what a parser does? whats the output of the parser? whats the similarity metric to use? whats greedy string tiling? … I was thinking, how can he code if he doesnt know what to code? and thinking of the previous weeks of his documentation output… should I trust him on the code itself? I was like… no way in hell! .. lol .. so there, I got selfish and coded everything myself.. even if it was impossible.. ofcourse I didnot finish it… but you see, if they were concerned groupmates, they would have asked me to give them any tasks for the programming… but Member2 was satisfied with the docu… and Member1 was like , “so naimplement mo na yung greedy string tiling? try ko gawin ang gui ha..” … it would have been better if it was like, “is there anything i can do to help? ” pero you think! (as i said before, the gui doesnt help the grade, its just an added eyecandy but our teacher was really after the implementation part.. so gui was just for presentation purposes and not required to pass the course.. )

we had group meetings that weekend.. but it was just a total waste of time. i mean, the only thing that was said and done there was the distribution for the documents…. and the code? well. i was brainstorming for it…

for example, the meeting last saturday… it was just member1 and me to meet since member2 cant come since she was in the other school, and was asking us to go there instead (which i cant since i dont know where and i dont want too, i cant work in a new environment.. ) so anyways, the meeting was… I was playing with the ultranerds with some warcraft game and as I peeked for what member1 was doing, well, I can see some YM windows.. but he was quick to minimize them the moment I come near… and he was reading something, forgot the paper title but i think it was something for xprglan… the paper of brass.. one of the rrl he found .. and honestly, for me, i think the only rrl that he knows… he was insisting on following what that system has done.. and my basic answer was, “if you can implement it, why not?” and that usually ends the conversation… but really, if he could, then it would be good right? thats an instant minus problem already..
so thats what happenned… Im thinking now, is this backstab? for me, well I am just stating the facts and I am not the type of person who would say all of this in front.. why? because im quiet.. wahhha i mean, i dont release my steam through talking… i release it through writing…. so blogging is one thing… and as long as I am telling the truth, why not? the truth needs to be revealed …. and this can be a good lesson to everyone, even me, that piggyback riding is bad … you cant just let the others do the work for you .. if you want to get the grade you want, work for it…. as in work . not by copying.. not by leeching it of others.. and esp not by just sitting and waiting and expecting someone to spoonfeed you … lol .

I have told them already a lot of times about the situation… the situation where I was having a hard time since I was doing most of the work.. nothing changed, member1 even called me a backstabber… but I ddnt care and just laughed at it… backstab my ass but nothing can change the fact that I was doing most of the work and he does … close to nothing …

the story where I told them…

  • One time I expressed my sentiments where when I blogged it before… it was the point that we were to pass a document and I dont know WTF to write in the document.. and the bad thing is that, I was alone doing it.. so in order to let off some steam… I blogged about it… and well, news spread fast.. (I was advertising my blog in my YM status.. ) and someone tipped member1 about it.. and im sure he read it.. and therefore, I was branded as a backstabber by member1… oh yeah! he even texted me to tell him directly if I had problems and dont do things like backstabbing… fine! still the fact remained that I passed the paper I wrote on my own and labeled it as a submission by Group 1.. nothing changed…
  • Another time was then I emailed them about my problems.. it was a long email and member1 replied, “I already know your sentiments” … ok I was like, ok .. then? . but there was nothing more.. nothing changed and nothing was done … he just … well.. knows about it, my sentiments of course.. member2 ddnt reply …. nothing changed…
  • Another time was a direct group meeting… where I told them personally already that I am having a hard time…. blah blah blah blah blah blah ….. nothing changed..

then last week, I told them that at this rate, we are going to fail this subject… and ofcourse that brought panic … whahahahahaha but still, as you can see, I still did most of it alone…. so .. again… nothing changed… I learned a lot from this experience …. dont be a leech since leeches get OWNAGED in the end. Im glad the course is over and never would I want to be in the same group again…I was already thinking that is this punishment for all I have done? esp with the g@yl@w spree? .. is this karma or something? oh well… im just glad its over…

that is all, thanks for reading.

(how funny it is to think that when I write about non academic stuffs, I can go write something as long as this… but I cant write a lot when it comes to answers to academic questions… lol)


4 Responses to “End of XPRGLAN madness”

  1. 1 Julie April 8, 2006 at 10:56 pm

    wow. that was a really long post.

    Hay, ganyan tlaga ang downside of having a group project. In ur case, eventhough ‘tamad’ ka (hehehe), u still worked ur ass off pra matapos lng ung projct nyo..and i admyr u for that (ginawa mong motivation ung ‘last na to, so tapusin ko na’)hehe

    ..and i dnt think backstabbing ung pagsulat mo ng nararamdaman mo dito sa blog mo..mababasa dn nman ng grupmates mo yan dito..web nga e, anyone can read it..so its like ur telling them also of what u feel, d nga lng direct,at kaso nga lng pati ung iba mkakabasa dn..

    ..i hope ur teacher wud be fair in giving u ur grades..mabuti na lng tinanong nya kayo each of ur contribution..

  2. 2 silkenhut April 9, 2006 at 7:45 pm

    hmm thanks for the insight.. the grades wer given… anyways,
    me -> 3.5
    lichking -> 3.0
    girl -> 2.0

    see the difference? ^_^

  3. 3 Julie April 10, 2006 at 12:49 am

    so UNfair. 3.5 is taas na dba? unfair ung 3.0.. hehe sana 2.0 din or 2.5 sumthing.. hehe

  4. 4 silkenhut April 10, 2006 at 8:41 am

    yep.. happy na me sa 3.5, I know that mam was disappointed with our GROUP’s output but what the hell can ONE MAN do ? 2.0 or 2.5 is not enough if I were to grade… he f0ckin lied to our teacher thats why our teacher was convinced that he knew something about the project…

    sige na lang, kapila na nya ni naubra .. pirmi na xa nka lusot bala haw .. gapang kawat na sang sabat, butigon pa, marot grabe gid ya .. dman lang sa akon xa amo ni eh, sa tanan gid nga naupod nya . parihas lang nagatabo … gadamo lang na iya kontra… sa dason, nobya nya na lang ang iya nga upod wahahah

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