My Life Updates

…. what a crappy title but I could not think of a better title to put in there…

anyways, yesterday I forgot to blog since I was too busy with stuffs like playing and watching shows…. so I will just include it here today. πŸ˜€

EDIT ::: Sample pics and animated gifs available in this post πŸ˜€

Yesterday was just like any ordinary day of rotting … the moment i woke up, I approached my DUAL CORE laptop and opened it… I even played a game on battlenet for my breakfast meal.. lol.. talk about getting addicted. πŸ˜€

So a bit of a summary of what happened in bnet for me … well in the morning, there was still nobody online so I was just joining random games and one of the games there made me frustrated … talk about a feeding frenzy…. the situation was a four on four battle and my three teammates kept on dieng… then one of them left. .. (good riddance) but there is this dumb ass feeder who kept on controlling the hero that left (so he was trying to control two heroes) … and kept on dieng…. so an easy double kill for the enemy …. is that direct feeding or what? so in the end, the enemies were like level 13-15… i was just level 9 and my teammates were level 5-7 … then the feeders left after feeding the enemy … mega darn game … lol

but there were also fun times… fun means ownage! haha soon after, the dotagod and manakajunpei came online and we played as a time…. itwas good… ownage! haha the enemy was leaving after 1 or 2 deaths.. talk about their pride being sooo high… we also had some weird games … like the Level 1 push … ummm using 5 characters, we all take only one lane and push the lane nonstop together… we managed to finish the game in less than 10 minutes… lol we had another game that we were making nearly or (i think we reached it) 1 kill a minute… wahaha pure ownage (dotagod must be smiling like gay) … and the last game was the poison team, composed of heroes that has poison (akasha, venomancer, motred & viper)…. it was tough but we still won πŸ˜€ soo thats all for bnet adventures…

owkie um nothing much for me to say about Shuffle! hehe its still a good watch haha πŸ˜€ what I want to talk about now is about stairway to heaven… i am watching at least 1 episode a day .. and I cant get enought of Kim Tae Hee!!!! I know her role was supposed to be the evil stepsister but …… noooooooooooooooooooooooooo i cant accept it lol… hahaha

the earlier parts of the series, (episode 1 and 2) where they were still young girls … i really hate the character of Han Yoori (evil stepsister) coz she was soo damn eviilll and jealous of everything Han Jungsuh (the young version is a babe!!!) .. well they both like the main guy .. but main guy likes Han Jungsuh … so that makes Han Yoori jealous… so she does this evil stuffs to Jungsuh and being an introvert, Jungsuh doesnt fight back… poor babe …. so blah blah blah.. bottomline, young Han Yoori i Hate you soo much you darn gay!!!! hahha …. so here comes episode 3 , in the latter part of the episode, they grew up already …. and Han Yoori is now Kim Tae Hee … hihihihi ….. she is still jealous of Jungsuh … and blah blah blah ….. so moving on, where, Jungsuh got ownaged … and now…. (my thoughts are not clear)

personally, Han Yoori (Kim Tae Hee) is not that evil… she is just attention deprived (kulang sa pansin ba) because of the main guy … the main guy keeps on making her hope and she also falls for that hope, then he crushes it again and again.. talk about enduring the pain for five years… lol .. she is also a victim and not just pure evil… what she really wants, she cant get … and that would probably be the cause for her being evil…. but i am just on episode 7.. and so far, I have not seen her do anything evil… perhaps just showing her anger and jealousy but not yet on making any evil moves … πŸ˜€ I think if she would ask the main guy , “Like me or dislike me? ” the main guy would not answer anything instead of saying no .. so its like making her hope … so I think the main guy should just say, I DONT LIKE YOU instead …. oh well, i cant go against the script …….. hehe so for now, I still have to see her beee evil … I still have 13 episodes to go… lots of time for her to get evil just as everyone says … but for now, i leave you guys with these….

such an angel …. lol enjoy … πŸ˜€

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