Finished Watching the anime Shuffle!


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wohohoho big picture πŸ˜€ now I talk about it below ….

spoiler alert!!!

now I shall start…

i started watching shuffle a few weeks ago, I was watching it together with stairway to heaven and I wasnt able to watch it in a marathon style.. 1 or 2 episodes a day until yesterday, where I stopped at episode 15 and today I have finished the whole series. hehe

So umm shuffle is a harem anime, well… lots of girls … and just one main guy (Rin is his name).. and these girls all fall for the main guy … the usual harem theme.. and the story is that, there are humans, gods and demons coexisting and the daughters of the king of gods and demons came to the human world and the main guy is to choose among them to be his bride and become king of demons or gods … well, ofcourse, thats just two girls, we also have the human girls .. but he wont be called the king of humans if he chooses them… Let us introduce the girls!

Kaede (Human)

the first girl that was shown in the anime. She lives with Rin and basically does everything for him, cooking, laundry, cleaninghouse .. she takes good care of Rin and would be a great wife to have.. plus the fact the she is also one of the number 1 babes in their school.. and she is one of the top students in their class … beauty + brains + everything else!! see how lucky Rin is? hehe personally, I vote for Rin to end up with her, what else does he need? she can do it all… focus on here will be on the later parts of the story… umm episode 18+ and …. il tell it later.. hehe

Lisianthus (goddess)

first time I saw her, I thought she was the daughter of the demon.. lol well, its because of her actions.. she ownaged her father with a chair.. instant KO, is that a good thing to do? lol oh well, she is also in love with Rin and the reason for that will be told in the anime … shes a very hyper active girl and always likes to have fun! and shes cute, I like the voice of Sia (her nickname) ,.. very soft voice.. she can also do a lot of things too, her only weak point is academics… hehe still, shes still too cute to ignore… so I am also rooting for her to win! hahah

Nerine (demoness)

she is the daughter of the demon and a shy type of girl, she doesnt speak much but she has very strong powers .. hehe umm im not much of a fan for her but one thing i like is her determination… she doesnt know how to cook but she tried her best to learn how to for the sake of Rin .. haha now she can cook omelette .. and more omelettes and more omelletes..

Asa (human)

shes one of the old friends of Kaede and Rin .. shes cheerful, energetic and a great cook… and her trademake is a big slap on Rin's back.. that causes Rin to bend(dunno right word) in pain and honestly I didnt expect her to be a contender for the Rin Lovers Club until late game … i mean, later parts …

ok now thats for the end of the characters … umm whats next? just random thoughts

at the first time, I thought it was a three way battle for Kaede, Sia and Nerine, and the early episodes show a lead for Sia, a bit for Kaede while Nerine was falling behind.. Kaede is always there to look after Rin's needs and I can say she gets disturbed a bit when seeing Rin going with the other girls but she keeps it all unto herself and still smiles… Sia was leading a lot earlier since she was the one who dated Rin, and got stuck with Rin in their beach tour and nearly had some kissing scenes.. wohohooo … but in the later parts, she fell behind and had some issues…. Nerine, ummm I dont remember her having lots of scenes with Rin .. perhaps the omellete stuffs and the part where her background story is being told … hehe

so who does Rin choose? haha if you dont want to know the spoilers,dont continue … you have been warned..

yesterday I was just browsing some anime forums about shuffle and got to know the one who Rin chooses.. and I got frustrated on the fact that I read some spoilers.. so i spoiled the story for myself…

anyways, umm Sia and Nerine told Rin that they love him in each of their own way and well, they had a feeling that they already lost the fight… so that leaves Kaede only right? but … they observed that Rin is getting along with Asa, getting much closer and they thought that Rin likes Asa …. so the battle is now between Rin and Asa … πŸ˜€

However, Kaede is still pretty normal, she still waits for Rin for dinner, makes his lunches cleans the house and all that stuffs … and Asa's health is getting worse.. so umm Rin neglects the actions of Kaede and goes to Asa's care… Kaede is already having a hard time with the attention Rin is not giving her and later, episodes 18+ she breaks down like hell… she goes wild and it was actually scary! yeah! scary shit man! seeing her past and what she is capable of doing, she gets all pyscho like but this is all due to Rin's insensitivity … there are already a lot of times that Kaede approaches Rin and gives him hints of her having a hard time due to whats happening but Rin doesnt respond… so as I have said, she broke down…. and becomes wild! … on the other hand, Asa is having her problems herself since she gets sick often and gets admitted to the hospital.. Rin cuts his classes just to visit her and be with her.. at this point of time, it is very clear on who Rin chooses in the end .. and for me, that sucks… especially knowing what Kaede has to go through before that (here is a little summary on what Kaede has gone through)…

Its an ok story for me, the characters were developed well, Sia and Nerine in the earlier episodes and Kaede and Asa in the later episodes … there were some drama scenes too .. and i was basically swearing like hell when I was watching how Rin treated Kaede … those eyes …. freaky man… good thing Kaede recovered later … and umm also , couldnt help to go witht the flow on Asa's background .. where she was telling Rin about what she did to her mother and what her mother did in return …. that was … tearful! hihi (im a sucker for dramas showing parent-children thingy …. like umm offtopic, in stairway to heaven, it was just ok for me if the main guy is crying to the main girl since he was claiming her to be his lost love, but it was tearful for me, when it was her father who was thinking of her as her lost daughter)

well to end this, umm Shuffle was enjoyable. I laughed, I cursed, I tear'ed … and with those three stuffs, that would make me happy already haha enjoy the show if you get it.. 24 episodes all in all…there are ecchi scenes hehee πŸ˜€ be warned



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