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Today I am going to share with you all about the websites I go to when I want to get something. This will be all download related and I hope that this can answer the question,

I want to download <insert title here>, where do I go to download it?

Note: Btw, these are the sites I usually go to and it is not complete… anyways, I’ll continue…

First of all, there are different ways to download stuffs on the internet. I would like to enumerate the various options that I use.

  • Direct Downloading – This can be the easiest way to download since you will be downloading from a website but the availability of these sites are usually rare. an example of that can be found here in my blog, you can download asian dramas OST through a direct link to hehe …
  • Bittorrent – This is a peer to peer (P2P) technology and it is one of the good ones today. Usually what you have to do is to download a Bittorrent client (utorrent, azureus, bitcomet, etc…) and download a .torrent file from a website, then open that .torrent file in your Bittorrent client and let the download begin!
  • Emule -Another p2p program. If you are familiar with kazaa then emule will be easy. It is a program where you can search for a file you want and download away. Take note that one of the advantages of emule is that it has a very large variety of files available to download but downloading here is like waiting in line. The more rare the file, the longer you have to wait to download it … patience is the key! hehe
  • iRC – Well, to those of you who thinks iRC is just for chatting, you are wrong! Through its DCC feature, you can send and receive files from other people. And usually there are a lot of channels that their sole purpose is to serve files and ofcourse, although there are a lot of people there, they are just downloading and not chatting. You can connect to irc by getting a program like Mirc.
  • Clubbox – I am relatively new to this program but it is good. It is in korean and mainly used to transfer korean stuffs like korean dramas, music videos and soundtracks. Visit d-addicts for more info about it.

Ok, phew… now that I have informed you about the ways I use for downloading, let us go to where to go if you want to download. This will be sorted by categories… umm just read away.

Anime – Japanese Animation

  • Boxtorrents (Bittorrent) – Boxtorrents has lots of anime. Usually the animes here should be complete, like a complete series or a complete season and it also has complete mangas and original soundtracks of animes (OST). Remember the word, “complete”, so if you are looking for an anime that is still ongoing or airing in Japan, then you would not find it here. For example, if you are looking for Great Teacher Onizuka, you can find it in box but you can’t find School Rumble Term 2 here since it is still ongoing in Japan (as of posting time). Just because an anime show is finished does not mean that boxtorrents has it, it maintains a list of what animes it will not allow to be placed in boxtorrents due to it being licensed. Check the list here.
  • Anime-Source (Bittorrent) – This serves as an index of the animes as released by the fansubbers. I usually go here to check if an ongoing anime show has a new episode. It is updated daily. As an example, if you want to check if School Rumble Term 2 has a new episode, you can check it here, and it has a new one, lol Episode 3 by WannabeFansubs.
  • AnimeYume (Bittorrent + Emule) – Another alternative if you want to find more anime. But usually I find the ones I want at the above sites.

Asian Movies (My Sassy Girl, The Classic, Ring .. etc)

  • ACFMovies (Emule) – My only source if I am looking for Asian Movies, it is a forum type website where people post asian movies and you just have to follow the converstation to get the corresponding emule link to paste in your emule. Note, only movies, so series like Full House, Love Story in Harvard belong to another category.

Asian Dramas (Full House, Meteor Garden, Love Story In Harvard)

  • D-Addicts (Bitorrent + Clubbox) – D-addicts serves as a tracker for Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas. It is also a forum where people can discuss about a series, but if you want more discussion, its better at soompi (Korean shows only). It also has a clubbox thread where people post their clubboxes for people to go into and download.
  • Soompi (Clubbox) -A big forum mainly for korean stuffs… Just look for the clubbox threads there.

Foreign Movies (Umm… those not asian)

  • Emule – Just search away and it is probably there. I usually get the 700mb rips for a movie. (Recommended)
  • iRC – I have yet to download a movie in irc but I know there are lots of servers and channels that serves movies.
  • Torrentspy (Bittorrent) – This is a torrent indexer, there are lots of sites similar to this but I usually go here. Alternatives are torrentreactor, mininova, etc..

Manga (Japanese Scanlated Comics)

  • Lurker – The only place I go for manga, it has almost everything! lol Basically you go here to get the pack number of the manga you want to download and then go to their IRC channel and message their bots. [IRC Server :: Channel :: #Lurk ] Example: Ah! My Goddess Volume 1 will be “/msg Mirrors xdcc send #142” or “/msg Manga|Pouet xdcc send #44

Philippine Movies (Pinoy movies ba)

  • iRC – Server IRC.PHAZENET.COM … thats the server where I once stumbled while looking for mp3s and found out that some of them serve pinoy movies. The movies are not really dvd rips but just the mpg file from vcds.. but its better than nothing. haha I tried downloading here Can This Be Love. lol

Foreign TV Series (Buffy! Smallville)

  • Torrentspy (Bittorrent) – This is a torrent indexer, there are lots of sites similar to this but I usually go here. Alternatives are torrentreactor, mininova, etc..
  • TV Underground (Emule) – Lots of emule links for tv series. The only disadvantage is that, you have to download each episode seperately, there is no batch download just like when you are using bittorrent.

Programs or Applications

  • Emule – Just search away and I usually filter them by archives, so that it has the program + kwak .. hehe

so far thats the categories I can think of… I did not include mp3 files since its very easy to find hehe . 😀

I hope this can be of help to your download concerns. hehe Download to the max! wahohoho


10 Responses to “Download links.”

  1. 1 malou September 23, 2006 at 10:41 am

    just like to ask….how to get a torrent so that i will be able to download torrent files..thanks…i really need it!,,

  2. 3 suea February 1, 2007 at 9:10 am

    hey about clubbox, i also use it sometimes but u need to go to specific blogs/websites to use you have any good ones you recommend for korean dramas?

  3. 4 silkenhut February 1, 2007 at 9:56 am

    umm you can go to and

    soompi is a forum made for korean culture, drama etc… is for asian shows (korean, taiwanese, chinese, japanese.)

  4. 5 yeah February 2, 2007 at 12:56 pm


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  5. 6 yeah February 7, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    I dont have anything to do with my life so i spam here. haha

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  6. 7 yan May 28, 2007 at 11:50 am

    um, hi. what’s a clubbox? sorry i’m new to this kind of thing.

  7. 8 silkenhut May 28, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Clubbox is a peer to peer program from korea….
    you can see a tutorial from here

  8. 9 silkenhut May 28, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Additional Clubbox links

    D-addicts official clubbox thread.

  9. 10 Mica Kingsley October 22, 2007 at 4:47 am

    your way to beautiful gir. Mica Kingsley.

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