Food Filled Day

Today is really a food filled day… my jaws hurt from all the chewing I did today… this is the life! hooray for the fact that my parents are here in Manila… it means, all you can eat, sky is the limit! wahahah 😀

so i will start my tale …

The day started early, I woke up around 7am .. darn too early… but there were already going in and out of the room and being a light sleeper, I was awoken by the sounds …. then umm blah blah blah .. took a bath.. blah blah blah… ate breakfast… blah blah blah… went out at 930am.. so the day begins…

First we went to my sister’s condo … and I ate her snacks, meringue? without asking wahahah well, she cant complain.. coz its already in my mouth… and its already assumed (by me) that its automatically free to eat.. hehe … so after the visiting her, we went to glorietta .. and had lunch .. seeing the freedom of food choices.. i ordered a T-bone steak.. wohoho its my first time eating it since I usually order tenderloin … It was tasty… the bone really was T-shaped.. thus the name T-bone .. (dumbass sentence) … its yummy .. period.. then I bought a melon shake to let the steak go down into my stomach …. juicy.. drool… yummy… oh yeah….

Next up was a little walking walking, walk walk… go to some places then umm we went to Bread Shop .. it smells of bread! lol .. and everywhere I see were breads of all sizes… of all flavors … there were breads with weird names and weird shapes.. some look like U.F.O.’s … some look like a cave in the sea… complete with cover and rocks.. it lacks ocean water though.. there was even one that look liked the head of someone .. i mean, this one bread has lots of .. umm grated cheese or what? and it looks like hair… or grass? but the best eye catcher would be this bread …. this reminds of me someone! wahahah

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What a bread … anyways, I bought the classic, ham and cheese since those weird names and shapes made me not choose the others…. so we went home for a while and ate for a bit … and then … we went out again.. now going to megamall… now this was tiring… lol … so after arriving from megamall, umm we did some walking walking again.. I even got a haircut.. oh well, and then Mama said that we eat at Dad’s … the almighty buffet land .. with three restaurants.. Dad’s, saisaki and kamayan? (did i spell those right?)

I ate 3 batches… ummm too bad I wasnt able to get a picture of my first batch since I though of taking pictures of what Im eating in my second batch of food … too bad… very badd… so sad…. but ummm to describe it, I went to Dad’s and Kamayan and got a piece of everything that was being served…. but no rice… yes, thats a rule in eating in buffets.. dont eat rice…. coz rice is cheap..go for high quality food … and when i say high quality.. costly.. lol like for example… eat tempura like hell.. those pieces of shrimp wrapped in flour cost a lot …. so …. ummm im sorry I dont have a pic for my first meal … and now I present my second batch ….

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Basically umm a japanese meal .. except for that black thing down right… well to describe this, i got a lot of tempura… there was shrimp, crab and fish.. i didnot get the vegetable since it looks cheap.. wahahaha i also took some sushi, but i only eat the one with mango on it.. lol … and i also tried for the first time eating sashimi … and lol as for my tempura sauce, i used dinuguan .. wahhaha so good.. well, different strokes for different folks… and i never thought that this kind of tempura meal was soooo heavy in the stomach.. i was just done eating the crab tempura and i was feeling a bit full… so what i did was to skin the other tempuras out of their flour skin and eat whats inside… imagine how small a shrimp tempura is without skin… its as big as my pointing finger… lol

and for my last batch …

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oh sweet heaven… lol well. try to guess what these are… but they are all sweets and my jaw was already tired of eating… hehe … and oh btw, as drinks I had ice tea.. there were 7 of us and 3 of us ordered ice tea…. it was bottomless and we also got something after ordering ice tea…
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oh yeah… hahaha my sister got the green crab and now I have here a thick lipped gay looking fish and an orange spotted big eyed octopus… im keeping the octopus…. haha and umm that was good… and now im still full…. oh yeah, i hope there are more days like this…. and if everyday is like this, il be fatter than …. wahhaha 😛 but it depends … hehe oh well…

some random facts:

  • iced tea taste like water after eating lots of sweets …
  • if you want to make ur stay at dad’s more sulit, you can start eating lunchtime.. and still eat en route to dinner time…. they will still charge you only once.. wahaha i would like to try this …
  • i bought a cloth that cleans my lcd screen… the dual core lcd cleaner .. oh yeah
  • i have not played dota for the whole day today… lol i wasnt even on bnet haha

well… thats all for now …. and thanks for reading.. hahamore reportssoon.. hehe

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