DotA Allstars v6.27b AI v1.71

Download it here

Changelog below


1.70 to 1.71

  • Add -cs, -csboardon, -csboardoff as they work in DotA v6.28+
  • Fix Scourge's bottom-right-corner bug.
  • Fix AI skill-usage-bug, such as Void, Grave Chill, Craggy Exterior, Chain Frost, Warpath, and some more.
  • Fix Techies' Suicide.
  • Fix Tiny's disappearing bug.
  • Now player cannot give item to AI.

Known bug:

  • I don't know why, but I have ever seen AI killed himself, although he is not Techies, Pudge, nor Pandaren Battlemaster. Should someone see this bug, please send me the replay and tell me when is it happening.
  • Sometimes AI take routes which is dangerous to them (e.g. passing through towers, passing enemy hero from their back without any gangbang-purpose).
  • Some abilities (e.g. Mana Void, FingerOfDeath) is still used against creeps.
  • AI tower/base-defending routine is still imperfect.

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