Pre Trip Post

Me packs like hell! OMG

I leave tom and ummm oh yeah… I wonder whats its like… my first trip outside of the Philippines… and im going to where Kim Tae Hee lives… too bad she is still in China filming her movie… so sad … anyways, im curious.. so it adds excitement… We leave home tom at 9am… perhaps arrive at the airport at 11am.. then fly at 2pm… major estimates on the time .. better early than late is what they want… hehe

So there… since.. the real person aint there… il buy posters…. keychains… cards… figurines… action figures…. anything.. related… haha and go home a happy person.. hehe 

First … me was planning to bring dual core, and i say it again.. DUAL CORE with me in this trip… but.. due to the death threats advices of the girl in the mirror tv…  i was enlightened… and decided not to bring it with me… so dual core, as i type this post with you… haha sorry but you have to stay! wohohoohoo so as a reward to the girl in the tv, i will personally let her touch d dual core for five whole minutes… haha the best pasalubong ever (got this tone from PCpiglet .. woink woink.)! hahaha 

anyways, now i end my post and return soon…. 😀 eheh  


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