The term starts …

Hmmm I have been very lazy to post in this blog because it was still summer vacation… up until now, I am still thinking of summer vacation.. lol .. Actually, our first term at school started last week.. right on my birthday..hooray… -_- … but for me, it starts today.. i think .. more more bla bblahh…

So far, my schedule this term is very ummm spacious… just three subjects in which i need to go to school 3x a week only … thats tuesday, thursday and saturaday.. and each having 3 hours of classes each.. now that is supposed to be easy right? all of them are electives..and are minor subjects… umm extra subjects.. hehe so a bit of a breakdown

Japala1 – woohoo .. we are going to learn japanese language.. and our teacher said that he wants us to speak and write japanese by the end of the term.. sounds cool.. but what the heck is this long list of nouns, adjectives and phrases that we are supposed to memorize? not cool… memorization is not cool… lol .. good thing i watch anime, some of the phrases are familiar to me already hehe and ofcourse i could ask the others who have taken up japala1 already for help.. so for learning japanese, umm …. ganbatte kudasai yoooooooooo..

Litera1 – omg… literature… i read.. well, stuffs like faqs, short stories.. mangas, or anything that interests me… but folktales, hard to understand english stories, very long ones that needs studying… are not my type.. i read for the sake of reading… i dont mind not remembering all the names, events, places, settings, plot and all that elements of fiction or something… but in litera1, they do mind.. so if reading once would be tiresome, how about reading it twice or thrice? oh noo.i just hope the stories are interesting and colorful enough to make me stay awake..

Gamedes – hmmm now this is a change, game design.. its kind of different sinceso far in the first meeting it didnot quite boring but perhaps it will also be a hectic subject… one problem that we might encounter here is that, graphics… da hell i cant draw to save my life so i cant contribute anything in terms of graphics for the group.. so i can just contribute umm play! yeah il play like hell lol …

so thats um a brief overview of my subjects this term… oh wait.. theres thesis…. and its darn.. i have not done a thing.. oh yeah! so proud… and tom there will be a group meeting.. and what the hell do i show? lol … o well.. time to cram like hell today… haha all in a days work… hehe hopefully it works.. 😀 or else.. dota nalang.. wohohoo

im off to eat breakfast and take a bath.. then play…. ja ne! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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