A title…

If I were to put a nice title everytime I post, Im afraid that i wont be able to post at all.. its hard thinking about a suitable title for what im going to write.. ^_^

today … umm I had no classes so that meant I was home all day … I surfed… checked for downloads… and played some dota and sleept a bit in the afternoon.. hehe ^_^

Dota … well.. bonta and I agreed to have a little AR series battle.. a simple race to three.. and the result, hmmm OWNAGE in 4 games.. haha since it is AR, meaning characters are chosen randomly … the word "unfair" should not be used… it is just based on who lady luck smiles upon.. and lucky me… haha so … with by winning this series, I have avenged my lost to him last year I think… I was massacred by Bonta himself 3-1 also… but now I have returned the favor.. wahaha feel OWNAGE! dont be bitter bonta.. and … perhaps the dotagod himself will comment here… haha
Stairway to Heaven .. im on the verge of giving up watching this show.. its really hard to keep watching it if I rarely see Kim Tae Hee at all… she was the reason why I started watching it in the first place… yargh… lol … btw, some of their shooting scenes are in an amusement park in South Korea called Lotte World.. we have been there when we went to korea.. very nice place!

Love Of May … the first movie I downloaded that has Crystal Liu in it.. problem is that, the subtitles sucks so much that reading it will delevel your english proficiency … and the volume is not that high in the movie, so perhaps my … friends that can understand spoken chinese can help me here.. lol … ^_^

oh yeah, I also made a new email account for the sake of Litera1 class.. its … oh well, the group that im supposed to be joining has not yet been created so this email rots.. hehe look it has a PH .. watta n00b … lol

hmmm I have planned to redownload a few animes that I already have for the sake of better quality for better viewing pleasure… lol hehe no, i have not ran out of things to download.. I just want my archive to have the best quality hehe

I am still waiting for the day where My anime list in anidb will reach three pages.. so far it is just two pages.. soon …. soon.. ichi ni san!

so for now, Il eat dinner and umm download MY GIRL, il see who Lee Da Hui is.. hehe I hear she is very famous in Korea… Greenrose and mygirl hehe ^_^ oh well… Kim Tae hee, please show us more kdramas…. lol I thirst for thee…

end of post,.. domo arigato!

Ja Ne! ^_^

Edited:: hehe made some of the text hyperlinks hehe  


2 Responses to “A title…”

  1. 1 kaiez May 31, 2006 at 7:33 pm

    hello! i’m a passerby

    anyway, i watched stairway to heaven too! the actress keeps crying. 🙂

    now i’m watching Jewel in the Palace.

  2. 2 silkenhut May 31, 2006 at 7:34 pm

    yep… too much crying that it gets to the point that its irritating anymore… lol

    jewel in the palace, hmm lee young ae i think.. hmm its good but its hard to find download sources hehe 😀

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