Anime’s currently watching!

Hmmm seeing that I have a lot of spare time on my hands… (apart from the fact that I am not doing anything literally for any studying and project making), I sometimes make use of them by watching anime, movies and asian shows… so lets see…

For anime I am currently watching:

  • School Rumble Season 2 – I said to myself that I wont watch it until its finished airing with fansubs but I couldnt help it.. so far up to seven episodes, I can say that it is much better than the first season… and seeing that the first season was a big hit, Season 2 should not be missed! oh yeah! ^_^
  • Yakitate Japan – Started watching this a few weeks ago… I was afraid that il come to the point where I would be waiting for the next subs for this anime and that event really came… Just a few more episodes till the anime will finish and I cant wait! darn… thats why i dont like watching animes that have not finished subbing yet.. hehe
  • Maburaho – I watched the first episode of this.. and so far the story was good.. what i dont like were the subtitles… no sense of design at all and it is supposed to be a dvd rip.. so… back to the shelf for now as i look for better fansubbers for this.. waste of 5gigs!
  • Amaenaide yo – Ecchi! now this is more like it… for the sake of ecchi, i finished this fast..
  • Re: Cutie Honey – lol was introduced to me last saturday, just a short 3 episode ova full of guns loaded will ecchi! thats the way i like it! hahaha

So thats it for the anime for now, I am thinking of watching mahoraba but still thinking… hehe…


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