Hiragana ownaged me…

*Sigh* … Thats right, hiragana ownaged me…

The Story …

Earlier today in our JAPALA1 class, we had this short quiz. Matching type where one side has romanji (japanese words written in english … ) words and the other side has hiragana characters which was really alien to me… haha I havent bothered to look at those hiragana characters ever since the handouts were given last week.. and this is what I got… Instant ownage! LoL … I did not bother doing some super wild guesses because I was lazy and it was pointless for me since I wont learn a thing hehe … so i just passed the paper with my name on it… very shameful.. lol -_-

Oh well… that goes for my japanese language learning… instant 0 nij… must make bawi na yo hohoho so must benkyo-suru a lot! haha

nipongo o benkyoshimas!!! hiragana o benkyoshimas!!!

hehe good luck for me…. ganbatte kudasai yooooo …. hahaha

Edited: Benkyo instead of Bengkyo 


1 Response to “Hiragana ownaged me…”

  1. 1 kaiez June 2, 2006 at 2:33 pm

    genki deska! watashi wa kai

    heh heh. i’m tagging cause I think you’re really interesting and i’m kinda interested in japanese 😀

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