School post again

Hehe another post under School… Oh well.. It is always school…

Hmmm Ideally this term is our last term in DLSU, unless if we want to proceed to the masteral courses.. so umm and we only have 11 units.. so basically this term should be easy.. but.. why it is not?

First, Thesis.. mega darn.. lol we are supposed to be finished with the software but we are not.. we still have documents and we have a month left before the first submission for final defense.. oh yeah…

Japala .. after getting 0wned, i studied hiragana last thursday.. but for the next 3 days i forgot them all so last night I tried reviewing and I think i can remember some.. now i hope to memorize them all by today.. I got no choice.. hehe

Litera .. . now this course requires some major eye sore reading.. haha i was able to acquire the novel yesterday and I am ideally required to read this three times and I got about 10 days for it;.. not counting the other requirements in his class..the agony…

11units of torture hehe 😀 oh well, atleast umm I tried to register for globes text unlimited.. and now I can text nonstop to globeusers oh yeah! haha  and umm its Miami vs Dallas for the NBA championship… GO EAST! GO MIAMI! hahaa


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